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Golden Weddings From: June Ritchie 18 Jul 2014 (08:24)
Mine is looming nearer with every day and a desire to make it special to all who come is on my mind. Jim and I planned to renew our vows because the fifty is such a significant number (one I never thought we would reach. LOL)
Marriage is a thing that's delicate with so much divorce going around guests can be offended because of emotional trauma. Our own time together has been up and down since Jesus was not always in the centre of it and the devil enjoys upsetting the joint applecart when he can. And he does!
A chance tv programme last night brought that back fully into focus when someone lost a wife almost at the beginning of a life together. Probably it played on my mind but then during the night God showed me something that helps me with whatever I have to say publicly at the celebration in August.
it came in dream form when a man or woman is overcome with grief there seems no comfort to be had anywhere but God sent a man to plead the case of being thankful for the time they had spent together. Never really heard of a perfect marriage me nor do I expect to see one anywhere but when God is in it the good times and the bad times are gone through because He takes us through (sometimes with tears) and trauma can stay with us for a long time if our memories are good. Well I have to admit I am able to remember the worst years as well as the best years. The smooth bits as well as the heavy struggles to still understand and act in love. It's the thankful heart God blesses and after fifty years I am deeply thankful that we are still together and that we are on the same salvation path! So yeah maybe I have a great deal to be thankful for. In every moment of despair I was met because flinging oneself upon Gods mercy works I found that out because He has kept us together.
Wedded bliss is under attack like never before thats why I am so grateful that Jesus is in mine I couldnt do it without Him at my side. I am grateful for it.
Marriage shouldnt be taken for granted nor pushed out for any other reason.
Helpmate means what it says and I too often have failed to see that in the past .
Stay strong brothers and sisters Jesus is coming back! junex

golden moments  From: David Dawson 18 Jul 2014 (12:42)
Well done only a few years behind u guys ..the story is similar to urs
Many within our families didnt give much hope for us we both have rattleed our cages so much we should have been put in a cage.The critics in theory were right. I think it was our love for kid's that stopped us parting. We both couldnt cope what paimn they would have to go through. The start of growing up especially for me and I started to learn about responsibilities and it needs two to pull the spple cart not one brhind and one at the front we soon realised there wad 2handles at the front. Praise the Lord he mercifully chose me to be adopted into His family and through His love my love for Bren altered it grew and is still growing. My selfishness my chips on my shoulder (sin )were washed away by His precious blood
With Christ as the head of our house and captain of our lifes .Besides our 4 adult children and 7 grandkids
Thiis love from our Saviour reached out to love and care approx 400 children..And we have been blessed abundantly been able to preach and minster the Gospel been able to travel even met HRH
We Love each other made possible by God who loved us first even when were sinners
Until we hear that Glorious shout from heaven we will no doubt continue to work at serving each other and our Lord guided by His Holy Spirit alleujah
We both are awaiting for and anticipating his shout and trumpet call.froom.heaven
Ps our critics are scratching there heads how come we made it..ptl they didn't take into account Jesus.
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much agreed with all you said David   From: June Ritchie 19 Jul 2014 (14:12)
Theres always folks about that can say thats a bad one but hey its God who decides isnt it? And He certainly did with us. Life since Jesus came in has been a spiritual adventure even though at 73 things have much slowed down for us both in many ways. we are still the same folks we ve been since 1970 trusting Jesus to sort out every mess and who better to trust I ask?
I gave many cries for help as well as understanding. Went through periods of being married but homeless and then penniless . I was proposed to on our third date and I thought he was crazy. (told him so too) after all he didnt know what I was really like so? The reply from an unsaved man was " I only know youre the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with" and I was awed to hear that. But since then ample proof has shown it was God who led him to say those words.
For here we are at 73 and 74 still together and satisfied to be so till Christ calls us home. And the many adventures over the forty plus years with Jesus.? Incredible! and the travels made in His name and the homes we have shared during that time? Almost non countable! In 1985 I was struck down with pneumonia and we were jobless so practically penniless. But jim prayed new life into my lungs and nursed me back to health. By 1986 we were back on our travels in a new home and jobs in the South of UK! Sometimes life with the Lord can represent a helter skelter and you want to shout. Hold on its all going too fast! But hey that's God isn't it. Truth is I never thought we would survive the lack of kids of our own it was a hard grind year after year, but God knew that and we stayed in one another's arms and in the palm of His hands!
2014 is carrying problems of differing kinds, but we have a good God who will in His time make this a very golden year that I continue to believe, Even as I sing His praises for His keeping power on our behalf. Dave if you read this DO feel welcome to come to the celebrations on 23rd August with your wife!!
JUST let us know IF you are coming that's sufficient. So as far as I'm concerned staying married is the right choice if in Christ, though it may not be for others.
I couldn't believe God could keep this marriage strong but He has and I thank Him for it a hundred times over. Especially now. love junexx
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