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Called to follow Jesus From: June Ritchie 18 May 2014 (10:42)
What a lovely busy season is upon us! Our friend tref reminded me that in the recent drought thing I was praying for rain and then glory! It came down and how! It filled the water barrel overflowing and the varied rain harvesters I had gathered up, So now that the sun is beaming constantly again there is sufficient to deal with it all.
Its good when God answers prayer it shows us how much He cares about the little things in our lives. Well once everything starts bursting forth and the birds come down like an army I get very philosophical about life and love to talk to God while sitting in my patio area watching nature take its course.
Theres lots of messages out there if we take the time to muse before His throne and many valuable life lessons to be learnt . Its worth taking time to listen to all that Father wants to talk about and take in the illustrations which make His messages so very real.
The subject title is where I should start really so here goes! CALLED TO FOLLOW JESUS. A book I wrote quite some time ago when fairly new to Task Jesus, it has a lovely foreword in it from our Tref and I like to think the book is a help to people who are recently saved and just finding their way to be good disciples in a tough world.
its been an amazing Spring! To join the fights of others to help in varied missions and to be brought down financially low because of it only to find God constantly lifting us out of that dearth situation by His loving provision.
I cannot thank Him enough for that.! But here in the garden there has been so much work to do with a greehouse full of varied babies in different stages of growth. Just as Jesus used natures way for His messages to the multitudes its exciting to realise that such a way is just as real today, as Father brings to the spirit sights and sounds and feelings of what the period of summertime growth means. Two deaths in the past week has brought even more pictures to bear and help with an ongoing determination to finish what I start
A close neighbour died after steadfastly rejecting all that was said to him. yet we took comfort in the fact that we had tried (and never stopped praying till the end came) During the same forty eight hours a close long time friend in the Lancs area also died peacefully in his sleep after much suffering.
Hard to cope when you see a wonderful Christian suffer till the very end But OH the memories!
Death does that you know it brings to the fore so much of what had been stored up in the hidden place of our spirits. The verse given out on the church sheet was the very apt words;; HOW PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS. Well it really was a precious time to remember and celebrate with his family his long life of holy service. His life left me in awe!
Another old friend spoke of all he had been and when he came to the words;; HE WAS GENEROUS TO A FAULT I couldnt help myself I said out loud in the midst of the congregation ;; AMEN TO THAT! and did so among the silence but it was a sincere moment and many faces showed me there were others who had experienced the same issue.
Can we really be generous to a fault I wonder? It implies that one should not really do all that one does! If thats so I suppose I am one of those who would have to confess my guilt in the matter. But I dont feel bad about it.
God blesses that generosity when He agrees with it and He certainly blessed our fellow disciple over many years. Mature disciples want a good harvest!
But harvests dont happen without planting seeds!
Planting seeds . Thats what this is trying to be about ! All of our lives day by day just planting seeds. if we are fortunate its just like my loaded greenhouse I have the joy of seeing them pop up through the soil or burst forth into flower as they are placed in the garden there to give satisfaction and pleasure.
There is no greater satisfaction to me than planting good seeds we are all CALLED TO IT! If all we ever do is plant bad seeds then our lives are likely to be very sad indeed as well as empty. In every saints passing there is a time when we think on these things and sure enough all the seeds come to mind to bring? Hopefully good memories not bad ones or profitable times not stagnant ones. in addition fruitful relationships not wrecked friendships.
If I'm trying to say anything its this. In the name of Jesus Christ, let every seed sown bring forth a good harvest in your life because life does end and others will remember us when we are gone for what we do and how we are with them. Our death must bring lingering thoughts of gladness and sweet smiles as we remember .
If thats what happens our victory will be complete. bless all who read this junexx
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