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UNITE From: cedric barber 04 May 2014 (17:43)
26th April at Endon Methodist Church saw a another UNITE event take place. God uses these events in such different ways! There seemed to be a lower than usual number come along - perhaps about 60. There were seats for 100 and only two from the host church came. Nevertheless, we had a great praise-time, many were prayed for and some unusual testimonies came from the floor. This included Levi, an ex-offender who only came out of prison recently. He testified about how Jesus came into his life, changed him and now he is helping the Police with local projects. Our guest for the evening was TaskJesus outreach speaker, Bob Eaton. Bob was amazing! His life-story was funny, sad and at times emotional , but there was never any doubt that Jesus had His hand on him from the beginning. Bob prayed for people to give their lives to Jesus, for healing and deliverance.
In the meantime, what happened 1 hour into the meeting was so encouraging! Around 35 teenage Filipinos with some parents and church leaders began to fill up the church and just about all the seats were filled!!
We just love to encourage the younger folks to get together.