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berans; inspired by task jesus saints From: David Dawson 13 Apr 2014 (11:46)
Its so exciting when studying His Word. From our monday nite prayer group we have good chats latest conspiracy then we check it out .that means we glean our bibles looking at Strongs Heb/Gk apocrypha and E.Sword.
Or someone says or the Holy Spirit drops or shows u something. Once that bible is open thats it im on one of the most exciting journeys one can ever expect..searching for pearls coming across diamonds emeralds sapphires gold. Crying weeping hurting knees rejoicing..what a living Word we serve.
Sometimes His whisper of His Glory is to much.
Strangely I do enjoy lots of media preaching other than those who create extremism. Much I turn off my spirit balks at some of the stuff. I cant bear witness to some of what they are saying or doing.
I ptl I dont have any God channels.
But I do ask the Lord to create in me a clean and open heart.There is so much of God and His wonderous works.Im not ready for it .
No matter what age we are, were still learning all the time
Hence, some of the revelations from the Holy Spirit which inspire our friends, who are then unctioned to share with others.
What a wonderul Saviour I Serve.much more so knowing my eternity is safe in His hand. Knowing that if by chance if i have failed to keep one part of the commandments or I have done something momentarily wrong im not going to hell. I ask for bread would Father give me a stone or a snake..operative word is Father. Be blessed lets ENJOY our christianity. There is so many gloom and doom miserable pious religious victorian dour looking believers.Rejoice Rejoice

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its good to relate david  From: June Ritchie 02 May 2014 (12:18)
how good it is when the saints relate to one another over Gods word instead of argue the point. Yep those difference often come but they are also upsetting for Father wants us to meet around the word in joy and excitement and not in a preparation to get on our soap box to say why we question this n that.
David your a lucky guy and a blessed one I can see. The kind of prayer meetings where those things happen you describe. and the strong presence of the holy oil on unity gatherings, who wouldnt want that! and who would want to put it aside and call it insignificant or superficial. What is the greatest asset in the life of a disciple? Surely the Holy Ghost who Jesus sent to teach us what the word means and how to interpret it correctly. He didnt send Him lightly but for that very purpose to empower us to prosper spiritually.
I have trusted the Holy Ghost for years in prayer meetings and learnt never to speak off the top of my head but always from the depths of the spirit within. I visited a strange church just a week ago for a meeting where the speaker was one who had met me years ago in the 1990s.
I was wowed when this man then told me I had spoken prophetically to him and God had confirmed what was said he still remembered the scripture I had given and was able to quote it. How precious is that.! we should never take the Holy Ghost lightly He is in us to do us good but also to do others good who are with us at the time.
Keep up the God works Dave! those meetings are important to God and will gain victories. bless you junexx
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God Channels??  From: pauline Tait 04 Jun 2014 (15:20)
I honestly don't what much 'God TV' and I get it some of it is totally unbiblical however I have been blessed over the years by many messages. My access to the bible is extensive through every media if I so choose (foolishly I do not) I could soak myself in the word continuously through Tv the internet and various publication of the bible I am rich. But I have friends in china and there in in many other nations their story is quite different so I do in fact acknowledge that I am thankful for those who have pioneered to get the word of god into peoples homes via the 'Goggle box' for certainly so much of Tv is influenced by the devil and satanic agenda's. Plus I know many people who don't go to join with a church on a Sunday (or any other day) but find access to preaching teaching and corporate worship via the medium of Tv.