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FORUM > Publications > You don’t even realize how messed up Christianity is.

You don’t even realize how messed up Christianity is. From: pauline Tait 28 Mar 2014 (02:11)

You don’t even realize how messed up Christianity is.

People like to make fun of Christianity, perhaps for its stance on gay marriage, evolution, or religious pluralism. But, these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to see how messed up Christianity is, just consider one of its fundamental beliefs, the doctrine of justification. Then you’ll see how bizarre it really is. If you’re going to make fun of Christianity, you might as well hit it in its gut.

Let me explain.

You’ve found a new job. You get ready for your first day, put on the right clothes, and show up to work. Before you can punch in, your boss hands you a paycheck and says, “Here’s your pay for the year. You don’t have to work for it.”

You’re starting a new class. The teacher hands out the syllabus and explains what will be required of you. Then she says, “By the way, I’ve already given you an A. Congratulations. Your grade does not depend on your work.”

You’re going to try out for the team, but before you walk out on to the field, the coach tells you, “I’ve selected you to be the captain.”

You want to be in the orchestra, but before you can play a single note to audition, the conductor says to you, “I’ve selected you for First Chair.”

You meet someone that you like, but before you can ask her out on a date, as she’s meeting you for the first time, she says to you, “I do!” And you’re married.

You’re a Muslim and you want to earn God’s favor. You know that you have to fulfill the five pillars of Islam. But before you say a single prayer, your leader says to you, “You’ve already made it into Paradise.”

Can you imagine any of these ridiculous situations? They all put “reward” before “work.”

You want to be a Christian, but before you can live obediently to the Bible, Jesus says to you, “I do.”

Before you can perform the commandments, Jesus has given you righteousness and eternal life.

That’s how it was when I became a Christian. Someone introduced me to Jesus one fall night, told me that he loved me and wanted to have a relationship with me for all eternity. That’s intense! Jesus didn’t even know me yet! So I thought. Don’t I have to do good things for him first? Don’t I have to earn his love? Just like every other situation? Nope. Will you marry me?

Do you realize how messed up Christianity is? It messes up how this world operates by introducing a whole new economy. It declares your spiritual bank account “full” before you’ve ever made a deposit.

This is a radical, retroactive religion, which works backwards, rather than forwards. Everything else works forwards: you work and then earn the wages of your work. But Christianity says, “The wages of our work is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23). That’s the doctrine of justification.

Are you sick of earning favor? Why not start receiving favor? Christianity stands alone.

Sam Kee is a husband, father, pastor, and author.
Sam Kee is a husband, father, pastor, and author.

(This article was adapted from Sam’s forthcoming book from David C. Cook Publishers, Soul Tattoo: A Life and Spirit Bearing the Marks of God).

a battle of souls is going on  From: June Ritchie 01 Apr 2014 (08:58)
Correspondence over the past three weeks has been a surprisingly fierce battle when contacted by some one who hadnt even met me but had been given one of my books. i was treated to six pages of why CHristians of today are messed up and not living for God, whilst in addition to this the writer revealed that the whole business of varied churches is a waste of time and effort with no one in them walking with Jesus Christ. Horrors! Really? No one!
Yes I had to reply, I wanted to put the writer into a correct place concerning discipleship today from my own point of view and from what I see feel and hear.
To no avail! For several damaging points were brought up from a hurting soul, sad and confused. Well what do you do ? Put them off? Tell them off?
Sort them out scripturally? Useless that since they just couldn't see the wood for the trees!
All experience with denominations had turned the writer into an enemy of their own soul. Have you ever met anyone like that? What did you do to show them the error of their ways? or to be blunt do ya just cross them off as lost and confused a spiritual nutter? Not so! we have a duty, especially if we are in possession of the truth. So I fought back with the Holy Ghost's help.!
I cannot say I have won, i cannot say I achieved something positive that meant I could put it down and forget it to if I wanted you know now just pat myself on the back? No, not my way and not Christ's either. Sense of duty in me is strong enough to keep fighting back for a lost and damaged soul that badly needs to learn the truth and be set free by it. Thank God for Mark 16!
Its not about denominations or their ways and their rules. It's about a spiritual way of life one that can change the world.
The gospel is simple so who then complicated it? The scribes and Pharisees did and they are sadly still alive and kicking, for they are still confusing the salvation issue and they are still looking for the head seats in every feast. Thank God you dont have to be rich to know the truth and be set free! Thank God we have a God who gives favour to those who please Him whoever they are. Thank God He is gracious and forgives men's foubles as they try to make a deep thing out of His simple and clear words of instruction. From now till i die or am taken up, am going to live on in Matthew 5 and in Mark 16 and feel sure that as long as I do that no intelligent scribes can put too many 'trees' in my path so that I can't see the way clearly.
It's not about knowing it all. It's just about knowing Jesus and obeying His word. The world may be darkening but me I'm still fighting on and am going to win and get face to face with Him who died for me! AMEN. Junex
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Silence/speaking  From: pauline Tait 04 Apr 2014 (09:10)
Our church apostle says that sometimes saying nothing is the best answer. Our pastor said recently that Jesus didn't always answer the questions He was asked. However silence not my greatest strength of course you are EXACTLY RIGHT we should be led by ad speak by Holy Spirit we are not responsible for the response of others and if they don't respond well to what we say/don't say it doesn't mean we haven't heard God

which book was it  From: pauline Tait 04 Apr 2014 (09:12)
Cos now I really want to read it we may or may not agree but even in a difference of opinion we don't have to divide separation is what the enemy wants accusation is his signature tune

eternal security  From: David Dawson 07 Apr 2014 (05:02)
While iam sinner He first loved me a plan orf salvation was mapped out. For me
What a wonderful love
I agree churches don't preach enough of Gods Grace and the faith of many church goers is full of guilt and condemnation' why?
Simply, believers are not taught enough about the vicarious and sufficiency of Christs work at Calvary. And ministers take advantage of that making the believers think salvation is dependant on works and the threat of hell if they dont perform, a certain way ..
You can tell those under -condemnation they are the ones hitting the altar call all the time..this is no reflection on them they go in sincerity, and God sees the heart, but how much better if they went forward out of love..
Many will say I was compelled or led.... I say was 'it conviction from the Holy Ghost or was it condemnation,,,,a big word very subtle you can come under its spell quite easily ''check it out" .

Just one other point the scriptures mentioned by the author is from a new version of the bible
It refers to our wages of our works which means at the present whereas the wages of sin covers from Adam to presence. Good stuff
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Grace  From: pauline Tait 07 Apr 2014 (11:16)
I am blessed to be part of a fellowship that teaches on 'Grace' and practices it but we must ensure we do not fall into 'Hyper grace' a movement that is sweeping across the USA to the delight of the devil.

Grace sorry june for using your post  From: David Dawson 07 Apr 2014 (13:51)
Hyper calvinism i can sin as much as i want but still be ok and hyper Arminism is if I make an error I'm going to hell.
Roger Price gives a great expostion of both and He and I believe in eternal security.
My salvation is secure by faith and Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.
If I've got a PERSONAL relationship as with my wife wud I do something to hurt or offend her obvisously i wouldn't dream of it , why because I respect and love her.
This is the same rulein the Bible , Paul said ' God forbid ' if he done something that would be offensive to our Lord and Saviour my friend. But we all know we are capable of sin Jesus replied to his disciple on forgiveness not seven times but seventy times.
Ptl I'm forgiven

battles  From: David Dawson 07 Apr 2014 (14:06)
Hi june all my CHRISTIAN walk ive experienced such battles More so since I've been given meat There has been conflict between doctorines or intrepretations and different scriptures..I've been hurt by men of God saying I need delieveranc.
Over the years i was confused by the top preachers bringing in all types of strange ideas and doing strange weird things everybody wants to be named after a 5fold ministry . Like many saints we try to help those who are mesmorized with the billion dollar industry ..
I've not allowed hate or vegenenance to manifest,, if I've shared initially the gospel or revelation ..like you we try to point christians iin right direction but we can only lead them but we can't make thrm drink-.... I accepted them it took me a lot of years and those who have ears will hear- the rest I say with regret there is a place prepared for you but you wilfully reject Christ, so ur plight is kingdom business.
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