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Redemption Hymnal. number 648 From: June Ritchie 15 Mar 2014 (09:55)
Life can seem very stressful at times this week has been no exception to that rule in a number of ways the enemy loves to stir things up and make issues where there was none. Getting fully past them is not always easy but its wonderful to me to see how often God can use song and music to bring about a blessed measure of comfort and relief into a heart feeling a little beleagered by circumstances beyond their control. earlier in the week Jim began to share to me how he had found himself driving home and singing a chorus that he had long forgotten. Of course I recognised it as the hymn which had been a favourite of mine from the beloved |Redemption hymn book I stood amazed for i knew that it was a message to us for the present time as we look on global and upon home affairs prayerfully. As you can imagine I immediatly made my plan to go the book and find the hymn in question for i felt the Lord's message for us lay in the verses as much as the chorus. Jim then took it to the BMF prayer meeting on Thursday night where the men sang it as part of their way of worship and prayer. The hymn had already done a good work in me and I feel it would be good to pass on here so that others can also be blessed and ministered to by its content. Just feast on the words and let the Holy Spirit lift you up into His presence. Its a strengthening process.
Hymn 648
Verse 1/ Far away the noise of strife upon my ear is falling,
Then I know the sins of earth beset on every hand;
Doubt and fear and things of earth in vain to me are calling,
None of these shall move me from Beulah Land.

I'm living on the mountain, underneath a cloudless sky,
I'm drinking at the fountain that never shall run dry,
Oh yes, I'm feasting on the manna from a bountiful supply,
For I am dwelling in Beulah Land.

Verse 2/ Far below the storm of doubt upon the world is beating,
Sons of men in battle long the enemy withstand,
Safe am I within the castle of God's word retreating,
Nothing then can reach me ,tis Beulah Land.

I'm living on the mountain chorus contd.

Verse 3/ Let the stormy breezes blow, their cry cannot alarm me,
I am safely sheltered here protected by God's hand,
here the sun is always shining, here there's naught can harm me,
I am safe forever in Beulah Land.

Chorus I'm living on the mountain.

Verse 4/ Viewing here the works of God, I sink in contemplation,
Hearing now His blessed voice, I see the way is planned;
Dwelling in the spirit, here I learn of full salvation,
Gladly will I tarry in Beulah Land.

I'm living on the mountain underneath a cloudless sky,
I'm drinking at the fountain that never shall run dry,
OH Yes, I'm feasting on the manna from a bountiful supply,
For I am dwelling in Beulah Land.

It seems to me that if we can only measure the delights which will come even whilst the things in earth crumble in defeat, nothing at all can erase for me the fact that I can remain in the palm of Gods hand, blessed and kept safe, undefeated by the things that are assailing all across the globe.
AND UNDERNEATH ARE THE EVERLASTING ARMS, Do we believe it can we trust the Almighty for better times to come as well as His keeping power?
The writer of the hymn seems to have been able to put things in a nutshell and eliminate all doubts about that. If as Jesus said, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN US then that same Kingdom will know no defeat only victory and we must grassp that as a great truth now as the world's troubles increase.
Bless every reader Junexx
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