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FORUM > Meeting Reports > UNITE!! 22nd February, 2014 Bucknall Stoke-on-Trent

UNITE!! 22nd February, 2014 Bucknall Stoke-on-Trent From: cedric barber 26 Feb 2014 (17:23)
Our 30th UNITE event!! I was excited about this because Simon Edwards and the lads from ‘WALK’ were coming to testify! Their faith has been tried in the furnace! We were not disappointed on the night as three of the ex-prisoners gave their testimonies of Jesus’ love and liberating power! It was powerful! There was prayer during the evening (one-to-one) and some of the ‘lads’ from 'WALK' prayed for people present with illness especially during the interval (what it’s designed for!). In the second half, Cliff Roberts interviewed Dave Garner who was a young man in the 1960s and experienced the beginning of the ‘Charismatic Revival’ in St Johns, Burslem. Dave’s was an amusing, fascinating and personal story, not without a lot of humour. (Talk about ‘Little and Large!!) The fact that David stayed in St Johns, a traditional Anglican church under the excellent ministry of the Rev’d Philip Smith, bore testimony to his faithfulness and the enduring work of the Holy Spirit. Today, David said that there is similar revival happening in St Johns where he is an elder. We can testify to this. Glory to God! An appeal at the end of the meeting was responded to by around eight people who were later prayed for. Pastor Trevor Weaver graciously not only allowed us to use the church, but he also led praise and worship as only Trevor can!