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It's all working out! Terry eckersley! see YouTube From: Terry Eckersley 17 Jan 2014 (22:10)
It's all working out!

7 part radio series
It's all working out! PART 1
Hey how ya doing? I'm Terry Eckersley at terryeckersley.co.uk I'm convinced, fully persuaded everything is working out. I'm doing great! Know why? It's all working out, It's either a trite motivational sound bite or a strong reality from the Bible, the word of God. Paul says " And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,
those he called he also justified; those he justified, just as if we never
sinned! If we have faith in what Jesus accomplished or us on The Cross.
For those he justified he also glorified to be conformed to the image of his
Son. How powerful! So today lets think on this, in every area of our lives, in ALL the things that are concerning us, Everything is working out,
together or good, if we love God and are called according to His purpose.

It's all working out PART 2
Hi there, it Terry Eckersley .co.uk again, greetings my friends. We've been looking at the theme. It's all working out together for good! It's all working out together for good! Lets think about that right now, all things in my life and your life, if we fulfil the pre-requisite that we love God, ALL things are working out, together for our good. If we lean I to our relationship with God today, through our faith in Jesus and all He did at Calvary. Love Him, worship Him, it's all good! Not for bad, not for evil, not for crisis, for good! Romans 8-28 and Jeremiah 29-11 confirm this truth, by faith in our hearts and minds today. Everything, or all things are working out, together for our good. He's called us and He IS working out everything for our good, our jobs, our relationships, work, everything we are and do. Lets solidify this mindset today and have a good day as God has said He is committed to.

It's all working out PART 3
It's all working out on this great day, it's all working out, why? We have
established to those who love God, to those who've been called according o
His purpose, thats us who have faith in Jesus and His cross, wow! Lets think about that for a moment, what are His purposes for my life and your life? Well there are a few things in the Bible where God speaks to us about His purposes the purposes He has for our lives. Purposes to bless us and not to harm us, purposes of a hope and a future, great purposes exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask, dream or imagine! This is according to His power thats at work in our lives. All we can do is respond with lifting our thinking and responding with our hearts. Lets meditate on this great truth today. All things are working
out, together, that's you and me, for our GOOD.

It's all working out PART 4
It's all working out! God is working everything out in our lives, on our
behalf. Behind the scenes, God is working, Wow when we work, we think of
hard graft, imagine God Almighty, who created and rules and reigns over the who.e universe working on my and your behalf! We can have the confidence, we can have a renewed perspective today and always, it's ALL working out. I have found out, that this simple powerful truth is not only spiritual, It is very real and tangible. God knows what we need, when we need and where we need! Lets lean into God today and always, lets love Him, as long as we fulfil this simple pre-requisite, lets walk and talk and live with the divine confidence, It's all working out! I'm leaning into Jesus today for my life and yours and thanking Him, It's all working out. Any thoughts contact me at terryeckersley.co.uk

It's all working out PART 5
Hi thanks for your time, its Terry eckersley.co.uk encouraging you today. It's all working out. It's all working out together, for good. Lets consider the
word together. We are often destination based people, I don't know about
you, but I'm tempted to be. We often want to get to the destination and not enjoy the journey of life. I've learned to understand that the TOGETHER
, is a very important theme and word. The together, doesn't get any better,
I've found that spending time with my family and close friends is as good as life gets. I mean this is the precious people, God has given me, my family, my wife! Our Friends, colleagues, Church leaders and friends. This is US together enjoying God working it ALL out together for OUR good.

It's all working out PART 6
It's all working out, together FOR GOOD. Wow! God is working my life and
your life out, not inward, outward for good! I like that, I'm confident in
That, I've been simply believing and living like this now for twenty years
since I first read this verse in Romans 8-28 when in what seemed like a
crisis. God was then able and still is able to start working it out. Together today we can have full confidence in Gods love through the finished work of The Cross. Not misplaced confidence in people, things, the economy, as Paul said be confident in this that He who began a good work in you, will bring it to completion. Now that's confidence. We can have the same confidence that the Apostle Paul had. Lets lean into and trust God, through the finished work of The Cross and the person of Jesus to continue to work EVERYTHING out for OUR GOOD! Stay blessed terryeckersley.co.uk

It's all working out PART 7
It's all working out, for THOSE who are called according to Gods purpose.
I was always one of THOSE at school, who was always in trouble at School, home, police, the list goes on and on. I then started to hear Jesus calling me from His teachings in the book of Mathew. I heard Him calling me through the voices of THOSE other Christians. Then I became one of those who believed God loved me, Jesus died for me and God had a mighty plan for my life! Are you one of THOSE now, if not you can be. This is an easy and accepting gang to join. I came into this gang years ago by a simple, yet powerful understanding that I fully believed that Jesus has died for me personally on the Cross, ALL my sins became forgiven and forgotten, I became one of THOSE and it all started to start working out for terryeckersley.co.uk