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FORUM > Radio/TV > revelation tv, dont miss it debate on healing for to day?

revelation tv, dont miss it debate on healing for to day? From: derek leslie 03 Jan 2014 (14:55)
If you like a good debate don't miss two on revelation TV
9pm to 11pm sky guide 581 FREESAT 692
revelation. com

from that channel
Live Debate Weekend
Following the success of the 'Future of Marriage' debate we are glad to let you know about two special debates that will take place this month. On Friday 24th January at 9pm Dr Michael Brown and Dr James White debate 'Predestination' and whether all events are truly the 'Will of God' or the consequence of our 'Free Will'. On Saturday 25th January at 9pm they will discuss whether the gift of healing is for
the present day.

should be good. if you go on net to revelation TV it will will you more
about the speakers above.

healing debate  From: David Dawson 19 Feb 2014 (00:42)
hi bro do u have the lead for that healing debate pls

hi dave I dont understand  From: derek leslie 19 Feb 2014 (19:45)
Hi Dave sorry don't understand what you mean by "have you the lead"
have sent you a message could you clarify please.