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Psalm 42 V5+11 From: June Ritchie 26 Dec 2013 (12:36)
what does life hold? well at the moment trauma and physical pain! and as an addition some emotional sadnesses etc. thats what a road accident did for me its not pleasant to be fully on the receiving end thats for sure. Flashbacks havent helped but even through is all I have sensed the peace of God within and been able to trust Him fully for the outcome. Sometimes a book that I am presently working on gets highlighted in a very intriguing way and this has been no exception. David's Psalms have been a companion of mine since I began a new book and have enjoyed the gems found within but the real gem has come to light since the accident I had on Sunday. In the beginning I admit I just clung to the word and wanted to recover as fast as God allowed this thought seemed to cover up what the Lord wanted to show me . The gem is actually an old lesson that its obvious I need to let myself dig into once more in order to prepare the message fully. People in pain and loneliness feel lost in a lot of ways even though God stays evermore comforting on a day to day basis.
Part of that difficulty is the emotional bit that comes upon us and affects the inner strength we usually enjoy. Life is not always kind to us and David knew that just as much as any. But in Psalm 42 he repeated twice the same verse with words that are very significant for he spoke to his soul! In a lot of ways david was feeling lost and rejected trodden down by the constant unbelief of others that surrounded him. So i guess we can say he was definitely feeling LOW! What did he do? In V4 we're told he thought of the tears and sadness and POURED OUT HIS SOUL BEFORE GOD> Yes that was his first step but then he goes further in his remembering of the wounds. HE THEN SPOKE FIRMLY TO HIS SOUL! Of course the thought occurs of how many of us really think that way? and then comes DOES IT WORK? David thought so!
Looking at the words he spoke we find the gems God wants us to find and store up within. V5 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance./ Good strong words but then we look at V11 and find the words slightly change even though they remain the same instruction.
V11 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God. The words stand out that I wish to share in both of these scriptures; HOPE THOU IN GOD: FOR I SHALL YET PRAISE HIM.
The words HOPE and YET are the prominent words to meditate on in these verses. Let's look at what happens if we let ourselves lose hope! In the 1980s local joblessness was at a premium and benefits for a childless couple were a mere pittance. For a while we struggled and held on to faith as the Lord helped us through. But there came a morning when I had lost all hope of a change for the better and that was the day i just stayed in bed not even wanting to rise out of it. Did God leave me there ? No He spoke strongly to me and showed me clearly that to let go of HOPE is to reach the absolute end of oneself for if one loses HOPE FAITH has no chance to continue to grow; first seeds then a harvest. The strong words of God got me up out of bed to continue in the battle of faith it was a lengthy test but we never starved even when I caught double pneumonia to complicate things. We are told Abraham hoped against Hope on the promise of isaac and he became after a lengthy time of testing a blessed reality. Faith cannot increase where Hope is lost! Thats why we're given three great things in Corinthians 13 V13; FAITH< HOPE< CHARITY. As we love God we hope in His goodness and have the faith to wait for it to come to us.
I we lack love for God our faith and our trust is lacking. Abraham loved God and therefore he hoped against hope that all would happen as God promised.
We need to do the same. David's anointed verse says I WILL YET PRAISE HIM; No matter what! No matter how long! No matter which way it may come!
But then in Psalm 43 we find the verse repeats itself again. V5; Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? HOPE IN GOD, FOR I SHALL YET PRAISE HIM, ( but it doesnt finish there!) who is the health of my countenance, and my God. So there then we have it in a nutshell. God is the health of my countenance. but He also gives me the HELP OF HIS COUNTENANCE . Think about it for this is a treasure trove to those who need to find and hold onto it. Happy and Prosperous Christmas. Junex

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gracious  From: David Dawson 23 Jan 2014 (00:21)
ptl david repeats ineed it ptl

thanks David  From: June Ritchie 24 Jan 2014 (10:18)
I think as Christians we must or should be the most hopeful people in the universe for whenever things reach their worst we continue to stand and hope against hope that things will improve and get better than they are.
Now am much recovered from my aches and pains of the clunk LOL! I feel stirred up to come on here today and talk about hope once again.
I suppose we could go round a crowded room or attend our church service and ask every single person what they are personally hoping for? No doubt we would get a myriad of answers and perhaps some that would astound us in their self love (sadly) well this morning am thinking of a subject called DreamWater! To most of us here in England theres so nothing to it we just march into the right rooms and turn the tap on and OUT comes the very precious stuff! its been around in England so long that most of us just take it for granted happily as we use it daily for whatever the need is. Who wants to speculate the joys of washing up anyway! But then after a year of thinking and praying and ministering Boreholes my attitude towards the tap has changed drastically. Yep we can talk about how precious it is whilst lands far beyond ours struggle still to obtain some really clean water or walk miles to carry back some dirty, unhygienic water. BUT HOPE?
well in one way I just hope that water in England doesnt become such an expensive commodity that the working class folks can no longer afford it in the house! Looking at our bills in 2013/14 that hope seems quite real to me as a pensioner. BUT HOPE! My hope this morning is with Arthur SSajabi Prince who has a hope to get a water borehole into a local village still without water and then into his church and Bible Center. I decided to join Arthur in this challenge because I believe the words of Jesus; Whosoever shall give a cup of water in my name verily I say unto you he shall not lose his reward. Well, there's the promise! now all we need to get that borehole is for people who love Jesus and believe his promise to take it to heart and make it a reality. Practically speaking such projects carry a cost that makes many hang back but I decided time to plunge into the deep end and fight for the hope to become a reality. Standing in a Western Union office I was floored for I needed a question and a password to make alright at the other end thousands of miles away. I was confused. Never thought about it at all now time made it necessary. So I trusted God and framed the question ;
which is of course quite simple to say; Is this money for a borehole?
Daft i know couldn't think of anything better at the time. But then God took over and helped me out with the answer which would be the password to HOPE of a completion of the pending plan. I spoke up as guided; DREAMWATER! So my hope went on its way but the real hope seems so distant because of the cost. Well we serve the God of the IMPOSSIBLE who uses us to help bring those impossible things about . Think about it for minute. DREAMWATER. Yes how great a dream it still is to those folks in Uganda and sadly part of their hopes lie in the good hearts of men and women who love God and care about thirsty people. Arthur is fighting to bring a borehole to that village that has no taps and I decided to join in.
Can I ask you every time you turn a tap on today think of the dream and pray for kampalas DREAMWATER to come to pass. Thank Him for it lets practice giving someone we dont know a cup of water just like Jesus said.
Believe me for a miracle for at this time it will take one but hey God can do it! AMEN. junexx

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