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FORUM > Listening to God > where does our strength lie?

where does our strength lie? From: June Ritchie 02 Dec 2013 (15:06)
When a body is wracked by an unfriendly virus it is necessary to be in touch with our Father for its in Him that comfort and strength lies. Confined by sickness is not good for us except for the fact that at last we are still and able to listen and commune with the one who made us. Since Tuesday that has been the battle in our home. No its not over. (wish it was) But \I cannot fault my father for He has communed with me in such a comforting and counselling way. The still hours of the night have seen many wrestlings with the virus but the Spirit has been there throughout and took me deeply into the Book of Psalms verse by verse. it is a virtual treasure house filled with many vital promises Yes I have seen it all before but this time I know that am seeing many things through Gods eyes and that is something I can rejoice in.
My soul tells me that though my body is in this battle my spirit is receiving something from God that will not leave when all is back to normal.
That makes this battle worth it all so brethren please pray for me that faith and trust will win through. june xx