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FORUM > Listening to God > Psalm 18 V2 The Lord is!

Psalm 18 V2 The Lord is! From: June Ritchie 14 Nov 2013 (10:00)
This verse is for tough times for when we need to know just how real God can be in our lives as we battle on from day to day. A smooth life? Not something you see a lot of if a serving disciple, there's always some form of darkness to battle against. Why? because the darkness of satan hates the light of Christ in a person's life and will do anything, or use anyone to try and swallow it up, or just temporarily quench it. So what is the comfort in this verse for us.?
David gives us eight things that represent the Lord God in the life of a serving disciple each one is important and not to be dismissed lightly.
I learnt to confess this verse very early on in my Christian life often starting the day with its words before I even got up. There are words within it that are so attractive and awesome to a mere earthling LOL. We live in modern times and tend to forget that our God is written into history as well as the new century we have entered into. One of the great words that to me describe our God who is the Ancient of Days is the word Fortress! I love to travel our land and see the castles scattered around it from top to bottom of the UK. They are of a bygone age yes. but their usefulness in the time they were built for still speaks very eloquently. A fortress is? strong, impregnable, a protection and a force to be reckoned with. It is a place of safety and deliverance (also in verse 2) it is a place to dwell in confidence as well as a place to build a life. He also speaks of God being his ROCK in this verse and it is amazing how many of the old fortresses were built into raised up places including rocks and cliffs.
Who in these days isn't looking for safety and security in a world that is rapidly becoming more and more insecure! well this is the place for me, a wonderful place where I can lay my head down and feel protected and cared for.
A strong place where someone much bigger than me takes care of all my enemies. Can't you just hear God saying I'll take care of it, dont worry about a thing. Absolutely priceless to know that.
To put one's faith into this verse is to enter into a brand new place of safety and protection for we are delivered as we enter in. But in addition to this we know in Ezekiel that God is calling for watchmen to stand on its walls and act as guards against marauders. Do we leave that bit to everbody else? Pretending its not part of our responsibility?
I hope not. Standing Fast is a term a lot of us are familiar with. Well our wondrous Fortress stands fast and will never be defeated, God is strong and made us protected by our faith and trust. Not letting it wear down because of constant hindrances or sudden attacks. We believe and therefore live in a FORTRESS! AMEN junex
If you ever feel under siege just remember this verse and remember the films of old where countless enemies have tried to eliminate these castle fortresses.

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psa 18v2  From: David Dawson 16 Nov 2013 (23:38)
thank you for bringing to my attention this psa, like you its one of the most popular memory verses we had stuck all over the fridge. the sad thing is over the years i have lost sight of awesome this scripture . looks like its going to be rewritten and going back on the fridge ptl

thanks for that  From: June Ritchie 18 Nov 2013 (09:20)
It has so encouraged me to know that what was said meant something to someone else. I sent an email to a Son of kenya and got one back filled with praise it had inspired him in the midst of daily battles. he wanted to know more about castles strongholds so I searched my bookshelf found an old readers Digest full off the lands fortresses and got my scissors out. after some hours had prepared a whole scrapbook of English history. seeing the strength and the turrets and many still STANDING! blessed me again to know that God has led this land through danger in times of marauders. What are evil forces if not marauders? out to rob us of our beautiful inheritance in the heavens and here on earth! The scrapbook will head out today to Kenya to bless a beloved family and Me? well i decided to start writing a new book called 'Treasures of Pslam 18'. Still in the first chapter but feeling strengthened in the midst of battles as I investigate it further. Incidentally in a numerical sense I feel that Psalm 18 and Psalm 37 are really meant to be linked up by what is in them they are both so alike and uplifting so take a look see and maybe get blessed all over again! love junex