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FORUM > Listening to God > Remaining Teachable

Remaining Teachable From: pauline Tait 31 Oct 2013 (23:06)
"We have grown up in the world system of perception, thinking and language. We have grown accustomed to our thinking being derived from the world, the flesh and the devil. When we connect with Jesus we come under a mind set from a different domain. Transformation can only come when our thinking is being consistently, powerfully changed Graham Cooke

no better teacher than the Spirit  From: June Ritchie 07 Nov 2013 (21:08)
how much we need to make sure we put on the mind of Christ.; yes I agree we can so easily be caught up with fleshly thinking and emotional imbalance.
its like a child growing up what they see as important at five years old has disappeared under a host of new thinking by fifteen. we have to be taught re all the things that are part of Christian growth some of that teaching comes in such a simple fashion but there are other things more knotty that we struggle on and just cannot get the answer as smoothly as we would like. The most precious gift is the Holy Spirit who makes sure that I put on the mind of Christ toi resolve knotty issues. I never cease to be thankful for his guidance in my life. I owe all growth and all maturity unto him and will continue toi trust him for all outcomes in my life. without him there is no lasting victory. junex