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Myths About God's Healing Power From: pauline Tait 12 Oct 2013 (10:06)
Myths About God's Healing Power

  From: Terry Eckersley 30 Oct 2013 (21:09)
Hi Terry, I met you on sunday at Hanley baptist church and you not only said a prayer for me but also gave me a copy of your book which I have now read and been very inspired by! That was the first time I've been to a church since I was about 12 and your talk made a very nervous man feel instantly at home. I was impressed with your musical tastes I too am a huge fan of the Clash, Dylan etc and love the line about god being the great tambourine man!

I went back to the church last night for my first ever bible study and felt the spirit growing in me which is a wonderful thing.

One last thing, on friday my best work friend told me she was going into hospital for results of a cancer scan, I prayed for her while you were blessing me and continued to pray until 1.00 today when she texted me to say she had the all clear, I sat in the car with tears of joy streaming down my face...Thank you, I will now turn my life over to the care of god.