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FORUM > Meeting Reports > UNITE - with Daniel Chand: LOVE,FIRE & MIRACLES

UNITE - with Daniel Chand: LOVE,FIRE & MIRACLES From: cedric barber 02 Oct 2013 (19:54)
We held our latest event last Saturday (28th September) in St Johns Community Church, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. During the afternoon a team of us was out on the streets in Burslem telling people about Jesus and inviting them to the evening event. By 7pm around 140 folks had packed the church and an amazingly lively meeting was underway. There was a buzz of expectation as the event began to take off! The beautiful voice of 16 year old Esther Scrimshaw seemed to bring us into the presence of God. Our main guest for the evening was Daniel Chand, a young man from an Asian background. Just turned 22 and from an Asian family, his life consisted of boxing, clubbing and drinking and he finally got into trouble during a night out. But before the case got to Crown Court, Daniel got to know something about the love of Jesus from a friend. He had heard that faith in God could move mountains. He prayed that the 'mountain' of the serious, impending case would be removed. On the day of the hearing, the case simply collapsed. This didn't stop him from going out and getting drunk that night and having to be carried home. However, he told us that the next morning at 5 o'clock he woke up completely sober and felt God's love simply enveloping him. He responded to that love and gave his life fully to Jesus who has used him in the 18 months he has been a Christian to take God's word seriously. His testimony and message were fresh and free from religious talk. He has a great delivery too as he emphasised the radical love of Jesus being the power of the gospel message. In our event a number gave their lives to Jesus and several were healed from asthma, arthritis and other ailments. We are still receiving reports of healings having taken place during the event. This was an awesome Spirit-filled evening!!