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GOD SEEKERS CONFERENCE REPORT – 2013 From: solomon raj 22 Aug 2013 (08:39)


Dear Prayer Partner ….

We have organised the 8. disabled conference last week in Vajta by God's grace. 15 disabled and 2 blind people, a couple of parents, 20 helpers and care assistants came to this summer conference. We had pastor Solomon Raj from India as our guest speaker. I invited an ex-mafia leader to preach on Friday. He was a real gangster but by God's grace he has been saved for 4 years ago. He told us his amazing life how God change him. It was fantastic and encouraging!
We were altogether around 50. After the introduction evening on Monday we spent a very nice and also blessed week in the LORD's presence. Before anything we helpers and those who were in ministry with some enthusiastic disabled got together and had morning prayer and worship time. Pastor Solomon taught us about the importance of praying. It was a great blessing to start the day seeking the LORD and His guidance, praying for the lost and sick and just being in the presence of God. During the morning teaching serials pastor Solomon taught us about how to change our mind. After the morning teaching we divided into small groups and discussed the certain topic and answered the questions the disabled asked. The morning session was really blessed. We could share the gospel and teach those who needed this and pray for the requests and difficult situations of their life. We had very nice afternoons, we went to a nice old lady home by horse and cart who invited us for a pancake picnic, we had nice weather to enjoy the pool and sunbathing, we had handcraft program also. One day I invited the Band of Christian Motorbike riders. They did some testimonies of their life and afterwards they went for a short trip with the disabled people and helpers also by the powerful motorbikes. Everybody enjoyed it really! As we lived in a nice castle it was a castle tour also. During the evenings Pastor Solomon preached the gospel and prayed for the sick people anointing them with oil. Many were touched and delivered by the Holy Spirit and renewed their spiritual life. There were testimonies what God has done in their heart. For the end of the conference a very loving and deep fellowship was formed. The last day on Friday we had six water baptism, praise the LORD! Our God moved among us with power and might. Many friendships were made during the conference. I really thank God and pastor Solomon for the whole conference. It was really blessed!
Personally I have to confess I was afraid of organising this conference again because it has seemed we really lacking the money what we need for this conference but God has testified me again He is worthy to trust Him in any situation. He has provided all the needs of the conference! Blessed be HIS name forever!

Balázs Kovács

"Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!" Psalms 96, 9

Ps. Solomon