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God answers by fire From: June Ritchie 11 Aug 2013 (12:14)
at a prayer meeting yesterday in a great and holy atmosphere of praise then prayer. Father truly lifted us up! a sense of inner well being came down and I just love that happening. The strange thing about it was I had much gut pain because of IBS symptoms. It was a very special time the pain didnt leave but neither did the beautiful blessing of the Lord! After quite a while basking in His presence the Lord spoke the words into my heart, THE GOD WHO ANSWERS BY FIRE! I found it strange in view of the prayers but then as we meditated on it looking for our answer, Father showed us the fact that when we face with prayer the impossible. God answers by fire! He purges away the dross that is hindering and limiting the people and stopping the solutions from coming.
So then in other words we are to pray down the fire of God to get the job done that is required. To transform and revive souls that are backslidden.
To bring in he\alings and deliverances by getting rid of the inner rubbish that has prevented it from happening. So OH YES! we need the fire of God to sweep through our land among believers and unbelievers. We need the power of the fire to show the Holy Ghost anointing where there is deadness and legality. We need a new depth of repentance to sweep through our churches by God's FIRE. I hope you agree. for this could be a new beginning for all those who open themselves to it! junex

Further comment  From: June Ritchie 22 Oct 2013 (10:24)
I find myself wondering how often we ask for the fire of God to come down if ever! There can be no doubt at all that the fire of God can burn and destroy
Elijah the prophet of old knew it and yet was not afraid of it. Was it because all his life his whole being had been kept open to the purgings of the Lord.
Just how tough is the FIRE OF GOD? In 2 Kings chapter 1 when the king was intent on silencing Elijah and sent soldiers to take him captive. Once they arrived the demand was that he submit to them. The result was catastrophic for Elijah was not afraid to call down the fire of God upon them.
Twice over the captain and his fifty were utterly consumed by that fire which came down from heaven. It's a truly frightening thought. But God is a God of war as well as a God of peace. When the Lord decided to call time on the city of Sodom and Gomorrah He excercised judgement with mercy.
He told Abraham of the intent to do so and allowed him to plead for those who lived there the result was the family of Lot were saved (but for the wife quite another judgement) But then rained down fire and brimstone upon the city consuming it utterly. It's sinfulness erased!!
Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal in this manner ( And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord,; and the God that answers by fire, let him be God. Bold words that brooked no argument!
The idolaters spent hours calling down fire from non existent gods while Elijah and the people watched. Then it was Elijah's turn. He prepared everything in reverence and then prayed down the miracle needed from the Almighty.
His faith as he pleaded before the Lord was evident he prayed the answer from a pure heart. The result? GOD DID THE IMPOSSIBLE!
V38; Then the fire of the Lord fell , and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water (TWELVE BARRELS OF IT!) that was in the trench. An impossible feat accomplished as an answer to prayer. if Gods fire can consume stones it can purge sins from hardened hearts, if it consume dust it can revive hearts deadened and insensitive. If it can lick up twelve barrels of water it can put fire in the souls of depressed, saddened and low spirited people. Its time to seek the Lord God to send down the fires of revival to save our land and its inhabitants. To purge away sins and re-ignite cold hearts. if we ask God will prove His word and go forth as A MIGHTY WARRIOR Praise the Lord! Revive us Father God. junex
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fire  From: David Dawson 23 Oct 2013 (02:06)
In the book of Acts tongues of fire fell upon the heads of the disciples..Over the yrs ive heard stories of churches during worship or prayer its been recorded that fire was upon the roof..ptl we need the Holy Ghost fire. Fire always attracts people weneed to ask the Lord fill us anew woth Holy Ghost fite

God answers by fire  From: Dr Peter Watkins 23 Oct 2013 (10:16)
We limit God by the level of our own experience. God responds to our faith and our holiness. I know a man , when he preaches, things burst into flames, lights explode. 2 Timothy speaks about in the last days people having a form of godliness with no power. Long periods fasting and prayer is essential. Are we willing to pay the price? I know I fall short.

  From: pauline Tait 25 Oct 2013 (11:06)
The second time in the Bible He is called a consuming fire, He is also called a jealous God. That is, He wants our 100%. No wavering. No hopping from one foot to the other. He wants our all. He wants to eliminate the double-mindedness. He wants to get rid of the counterfeit.

Which is an interesting thought. Watch this. The stage is set for a showdown between the fake and the real. There were the counterfeit religious people, praying counterfeit prayers, pouring out their lives in counterfeit sacrifices to a counterfeit god, a god who wasn’t even there.

Then one man stood up for the truth. He offered real prayers to a real God. Then God’s fire fell. God chose that moment to reveal how real He is, how pure and holy He is, how passionate He is. God’s fire separated the real from the fake. God’s presence split the wheat from the chaff, the meat from the bones, the dross from the silver. The fire of God, His passion for us to be right with Him, showed up that day and people came back to him.
For that really is what God wants. He is passionate about knowing us, and us knowing Him. That’s what he wants. He wants our loyalty, which is what He demanded that day on Mt.Carmel. He accepted the challenge because He would go to great lengths to reach out to us. He wants our loyalty.

But He also wants our purity. He wants us to be pure and holy. He wants us to be free of sin. He wants our hearts to be 100% His. Now, though 100% performance isn’t possible here – we will accidentally mess things up sometimes. But the Bible promises we can have a new and clean heart. And that’s where the fire of God comes into play again. I think of Malachi 3:2-4 – “But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver.

Where do we stand  From: pauline Tait 25 Oct 2013 (11:12)
So saying God is a God of fire is totally biblical but this topic has been on my mind for a few days. I think because I wonder what we are asking God to do when we say come by fire because didn't He do this already when he sent Himself as Holy Spirit? Isn't this the fire the world is starved of but doesn't even realise they are out in the cold. Is it not our responsibility then to burn to draw others to our (well His) warmth and light?
Unless we are asking God to fall in a fire of judgement and I don't think I want that it will happen obviously when Jesus returns until then I will seek to pull as many as I can from the flames that we have been saved from

the fire of God  From: June Ritchie 27 Oct 2013 (08:58)
going on with the theme as the Lord reveals more of Himself / A destructive fire/ A consuming fire/ A cleansing fire/ A warming fire/ God is all of these.
he whispered a new angles of what fire is from humanity's character and I must say they fitted well because they draw men to them.
PASSION and COMPASSION! He is so right we need bothjust like the apostles of old! Jesus demonstrated them daily whilst on earth and the crowds loved it and followed him everywhere. Hmm what a fire that was.
Well as a poor child in an old type council house being in a family of four children I learnt what it was to need warmth. The only heating in the whole house was a coal fire in the living room and in the depth of winter you got up to feel your clothes had grown damp overnight! Every evening as the cold winds blew we children would huddle around that fire, so grateful for its warmth so dreading the moment when it would die down and become ashes!
In many instances just like the big denominations of today.
We can have a reputation of being warm without really showing the true warmth that people around us need. Its the big question todayhere in the UK
Do we care ? Will we show that care where its needed? WARMTH and the FIRE of compassion that gives and gives and gives out whatever the need which presents itself. A compassion that will kneel in the street at the side of a repentant sinner and lead them to Jesus despite passers by who are embarrassed by our actions.? Yes I have been there they are called God moments! Passion? That zeal that makes us plead with cold hearts that are backslidden and want to turn away completely from what they once knew?
Yes, been there too theyre called God chances. How valuable the warmth of a fire is and it has to be burning in the heart never to die down never to fail to give out its warmth. How to keep on burning in a world full of cold hearts and endless problems. Simple just to keep looking at jesus and thinking of His cross sacrifice. Thats enough to keep anyone burning with a fiery faith. Junex