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Sarah Watkins From: pauline Tait 07 Aug 2013 (11:08)
I have just read Sarah's update page it really doesn't do her justice. We English folk have a cultural problem about how we speak about our selves obviously we should only boast 'in God'. That said Sarah is an anointed speaker, the last meeting I went too my first Healing2the Nations meeting Sarah spoke on healing. It has always been my desire to be used in a gift of healing as my parents were very sick. Then I myself became chronically sick, I am blessed to have been healed many times. I have researched and looked into the subject of healing the past 20 years or so. Yet Sarah only did a basic teaching on healing on the evening I attended a sort of whistle stop tour, and I learned something quite new that I hadn't seen. Many were touched and healed and experienced God during the ministry time which was done powerfully and sensitively with no 'show Biz' feel. I had taken my friend a non Christian who has attended church regularly for 30+ years I was a little concerned about her reaction to people falling under the Holy Spirit speaking and singing in tongues...she loved it...It's a rare gift I think to be able to minister to the saved and unsaved in equal power....my whole point of course is that if Sarah is hosting a meeting near you and you are able to go you will be blessed without a doubt.