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dvds - teaching From: maryann 26 Sep 2009 (11:32)
great teachings on the internett on many subjects: go to www.rev.rogerfrench.uk

Sorry this is the wrong URL  From: TREFLYN JONES 27 Sep 2009 (10:02)
Sorry Maryann the URL is incorrect.
I entered the name Dr Roger French into Google and these are the sites it pointed me to:-

http:// www.ccftapes.co.uk/RFPage2.htm

I took the opportunity of making contact with Dr Roger French the last time my good friend Maryann mentioned his website on TaskJesus and invited him to one of our local monthly meetings.

Here is his reply to me.

----------------- STARTS ---------------------------------------------------
Dear Treflyn
Good to hear from you. Thank you for the invite to speak at one of your Wednesday night meetings but unfortunately I live quite a distance from you, near Portsmouth in Hampshire. If I happen to be coming up north sometime I\'ll contact you to see if we can arrange something in the future. If you would like Dr Richard Kent and I to do a weekend or day or half day conference at any time we would be very happy to come. Much of Richard\'s teaching and my own has a strong evangelistic content. My telephone number is 01243-430079.
In the meantime I pray that God will continue to bless your work.
Roger French
----------------- END -------------------------------------------------------

So if you have read this far WELL DONE!

If we, TASKJESUS were to organise a weekend event where Dr Roger French could come and speak to us, how many of you would come along and would you be prepared to make a payment to fund it, cover the costs?

Thanks Maryann for mentioning him again, is this GOD\'S WILL?

I look forward to your replies on this forum.

Yours in JESUS

Treflyn Jones