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FORUM > Films/DVD > a bit of humor at very serious things

a bit of humor at very serious things From: derek leslie 31 Jul 2013 (18:00)
Take a look at this clip http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jJQgASmtGQ
Relax and take time for a bit of humor at very serious things. i found this video, I think its very funny. i could not help laugh
I know some wont, it could be considered bad taste. but if we cant have a laugh its a miserable life

turn the sound up
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Oh Dear!!  From: pauline Tait 07 Aug 2013 (11:54)
Funny though if only it was that simple. I do recall when in charge of cleaning the church someone objected because we were using a Dirt Devil Hoover to clean the sanctuary really!!! yes really head slap