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FORUM > Meeting Reports > Seikh and you shall find!!

Seikh and you shall find!! From: cedric barber 02 Jul 2013 (10:50)
Last Saturday (29th June) Stoke-on-Trent's Christian group, UNITE, met and heard the testimony of a young lady who told of her experience of 'honour' violence, abuse of all kinds, forced marriage and attempted murder in her life as a Seikh girl. She told about how, at one point, she was being strangled by her partner and as she felt her life slipping away, she cried out to one of the Gods she had heard of - Jesus. Instantly the attacker let her go! She later gave her life to Jesus and vowed to serve Him. For many years her family held a death threat over her. Having given up a well paid job, she now lives by faith, as does her husband, and she travels the Country taking the life-changing message of Jesus to those who live in darkness and abuse, seeing them set free.
A young Asian man came to the meeting and spent much time speaking to Raj afterwards. During the meeting a Muslim man came in, was prayed for, and the next day phoned a church contact asking "How do I become a Christian?"
Next event: 7pm Sat 27th July at Bucknall Pentecostal Church ST2 8JY when a man who is being released from prison (today, 2nd July) will be bringing a tremendous testimony!!! Cedric Barber

wonderful  From: pauline Tait 02 Jul 2013 (19:09)
Praise God I thought Seikh were men of peace but then I guess there is the dagger thing