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Ritchie garden party & Plant Sale From: June Ritchie 23 Jun 2013 (19:22)
I cannot say thank you to Task Jesus folks for their presence in any way since no members turned up to swell the numbers. I had not time to be disappointed however for the folks who did arrive were happy and generous hearted and ignoring the chill, went to work to make their gardens nicer and swell the fund for a Kenyan borehole. I was delighted to see them especially old friends there were unsaved there too and ample room for witness so I praise god for an unusual and a fruitful afternoon. I do want to thank Treflyn for putting the advert onto this site it was a kind thing to do and we appreciated that very much. God overruled and kept the weather stable all the while we were outside in it the heavens only opened when all had settled down again to quietness.
So praise God for His great mercies and for a sign that He is with the project. we will be holding it again next Saturday in an effort to reach the goal which is still a bit far off from the need. Blessings Junex