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FORUM > Listening to God > INDEPENDENT? What does it mean?

INDEPENDENT? What does it mean? From: June Ritchie 02 Jun 2013 (11:52)
we all have folks we know and love who are constantly in the INDEPENDENT MODE! But even though I am very aware of the independent streak in me I am so glad that a lot of it has really gone out of my life. So that now the desire of my life is to remain surrendered wholly up to the Lord in every area of my life and it's needs. I remember fondly the church I went to years ago for every Sunday as part of the gospel service there was a place given to inviting folks to come to the front as an act of surrender and re-dedication. it was a time I loved and on such occasions as needed I would go forward unreservedly to give up! Not an easy thing to give up ME is it? For 'ME' consists of everything that lies in SELF! It's needs, it's desires and it's day dreams.
The time of re-committing oneself solely to God and His will for us is so necessary, unless we want to fall into the trap of never getting a renewed mind and a transformed heart. But the innate desire to live for oneself is in all us and that's a fact, To defeat it means, having a place to come to the Lord Jesus and fully surrender ourselves up to Him and his desires for us alone.
If we never do it as an act of love I feel we remain too rooted in ourselves and our Christian walk is according to that. If HIS Ways are higher than my ways then I must see there is great need to get in tune with that! If HIS Thoughts are higher than my thoughts then I see the great need for the renewing of the mind just as Paul in Corinthians instructs us to do so. The reason being that such an act leads us to become into the place of God's will.
If being INDEPENDENT means staying outside of what God wants for me then it has to go out of my life and to do so fully. I don't want to rule my own destiny or run my own life they are in Christ's hands and to take them out or to keep them out is a recipe for ultimate disaster! If God be for me who then shall be against me! Victories are mine when I lean on Him however loud mens' voices are around me. Yes, God's looking for winners but people who win battles for Him not for themselves. He's also looking for those who will put their trust solely in Him no matter what the need or problem may be. That means giving up an awful lot of free thinking stuff but in the end it's so worth it and the blessings so real and lasting. The old hymn I surrender all is just NOT sung enough in these days and that to me is sad> bless you on a sunny Sunday. Junex
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