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Be encouraged From: David Dawson 18 May 2013 (08:33)
I was led to these scriptures .When i eventually put things aside and looked at how awesome this scripture is..
I was going to share my exposition of it. But i was lead by the Holy Ghost not that this time. Its for other saints to discover the awesomenessb of His Word. Although i can share/pass on the scripture
*[Jer 9:23]] KJV* Thus saith the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:

*[Jer 9:24]] KJV* But let hi.m that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.
Be Blessed
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a brilliant study  From: June Ritchie 19 May 2013 (10:23)
I agree with that Dave its all about the awesomeness of His holy written word. and that scripture given to you has been such a blessing as an exhortation.
the Christian population often takes God\'s word in such a superfluous manner and never seem to think it through carefully or to just stand over-awed at what the lord God is saying. As far as the truth is for myself I feel that it so wondrous that whatever my mood in a trial or a trouble I can seek the Lords face and He will give me something that proves just what I need to hear by giving me new inner strength. At one point a few days ago in the late hours I waited on Him after a day or two of feeling pretty alone.
As I sat praying in the Spirit the inner voice said to me Isaiah 43!
So i got my bible on my knee and opened at the word given.
OH what a blessing it was and what a comfort! I went to bed feeling greatly cheered by it! Why should I quote one single verse in it! God spoke to me in it from beginning to end and if i can pass this Sunday blessing on so then read it for yourself and leave none of it unread because it is God speaking to His child/disciple today and tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come we need not feel alone for a mom ent God is here and never leaves us His word proves it!

Abiding on a Sunday  From: June Ritchie 27 Oct 2013 (10:22)
In early 2013 I wrote several new songs using the tunes of very old Redemption hymns a musical friend the chose to use them in the service over coming weeks. 'Abide with me,' was always a SAD HYMN THOUGH holy in thought I had a desire to turn it solely into a hymn of worship and trust I feel it fits good under your heading here dave.

Abide with me and fill my heart with peace,
For as I trust your' blessings shall not cease,
Darkness may grow but heaven's joy I'll know,
Son of the Father OH abide with me.

Abide in me and give me strength to live,
If I am wounded help my heart forgive,
Let nothing take me from the Saviour's side,
My spirit trusts for I will still abide.

Abide in me that i may feel thy power,
Be thou my mainstay in this very hour,
You are my treasure in your' arms I trust,
I triumph still believing God is just.

Cleansing is mine for Christ has made the way,
I gain new faith Lord, fear is held at bay,
Your' power within me brings life's victories near,
You stand beside me Lord I know no fear.

Abide in me and let my heart be pure,
Give me your' strength that I may still endure,
I see your' smile and joy now fills my heart,
By love's Eternal grace we'll never part.

You are my mainstay heaven is my goal,
Calvary's cross has come to make me whole,
By Christ's great gift I have a lasting peace,
As I abide His blessings shall not cease. June Ritchie 2013