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FORUM > Listening to God > A good question for all who want to serve others

A good question for all who want to serve others From: June Ritchie 12 May 2013 (12:17)
What do you want to represent to others? Here\'s a few pointers revealing Christ\'s life in us!

What do others find in us?

A tree in the midst of a desert.
A place of shade and shelter from trials.
A place of hope and comfort when troubled.
An island of rest and recuperation when soul wearied.
A mountain top to take stock of our past and our future
An inviting place where a cold heart can feel warmed.
A spiritual home where the loveless find love.
A place that instils in us fresh courage to go on.
A fountain where we gain a refreshing drink for our thirsting soul.
A rock of support we can always stand on for help.
A voice that feeds hungry hearts with truth from God.
A whisper that shows me I am not alone or lonely.
A victory shout when I feel in danger of defeat.
A kind smile when I have lost my own.
A generous heart that forgives me foolish mistakes.
A gracious word from a compassionate heart.
A neighbourly deed to show true care.
june Ritchie