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FORUM > Meeting Reports > An extraordinary dinner meeting

An extraordinary dinner meeting From: June Ritchie 20 Apr 2013 (09:33)
FGB dinner meeting in Standish, Wigan last Monday night was most unusual in lots of ways. None could call it BORING in any way! despite the fact that the room was qieter through a low number of attendees everyone laughed and chatted in a most friendly fashion. The dinner was excellent and much enjoyed it was great to share it around a table full of Christian friends. The key word \'relaxed\' certainly comes to mind! When it came time for the speaker Treflyn took hold of the mike and hugged his guitar to bless us with his music. He certainly has a unique style one that Wigan is somewhat unfamiliar with.
He amazed and amused us with screen photo stories lots of laughter followed as he traced his life with our lovely Ann !
Speakers have their own style of presentation and all of them are different I have to admit many of them are and have been over the years boring and totally self during the darkened godless years. But no! this was certainly different in every way. it was all interesting, relaxed and laughter never far away from us as we listened and watched the screen. No pious statements or talks on denominational stories just a life touched and changed by Jesus Christ.
Tref\'s music is also like himself lovely and unique in style and totally matching his character . An extraordinary talent and a pretty gifted person our Tref!
One can certainly see why God decided \" I WANT THAT MAN!\"
The Holy Ghost was with us and the meeting ended happily quite late.
I found the evening very enjoyable and am sure the others felt the same way.
Thanks for tref for a refreshing night out!