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A Word From The Lord From: Keith Evans 16 Apr 2013 (09:31)
Hi brothers and sisters in Christ. It has been some time since I\'ve posted a word on the \'Listening to God\' forum. At the beginning of this month I had given over an afternoon just to be still before the Lord, the word below was one of three that I received that afternoon. I share it with you now trusting that God will use it to draw those on the edge of faith into a deep relationship with The Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ.

2nd April 2013

My child, I love you!
I realise this is a new concept to you, but hear Me clearly.
I love you, I have always loved you, I will always love you.
Accessing My love could not be easier!
The access is through My Son Jesus Christ.
You know the story of the cross and resurrection,
you have known the historical facts of the story – but there is so much more!
This story brings light and life – spiritual light and spiritual life.
This story is but one act in the plan of redemption for mankind.
You have watched the acts unfold through the church’s year,
and have seen it as a history lesson – but it is so much more that that!

I am who I am; I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob;
I am the God and Father of Jesus Christ – who said,
“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except by me.”

My Son, Jesus, is the only One who has laid His life down for mankind,
a selfless act for a selfish humanity.

Why did He do it? Love, pure love – that you, My child, could know that love personally.

Many people are comfortable seeing My Word, the Bible, as a history text book –
It’s comfortable because it’s impersonal, far away at a ‘safe’ distance.
My child; My Son’s sacrifice makes it personal!
He gave up His life for you.
He stood in your place, taking the just punishment;
for all you have thought, said or done, that is wrong –
that you might know forgiveness and new life.

This forgiveness and new life is free for you –
But do not forget the enormous cost for My precious Son.

I await your response, I am only a prayer away.

Remember this;
My love for you is not conditional on your response.
I love you because I love you.
Yours eternally,

Hi Keith,
Thank you so much for sharing the words you received from God with us.

I am so excited to read this, we all know and beleive that God loves us, John 3:16 speaks of his amazing love for us and in many other scriptures as well.

I am now going to make copies of this \"letter from God\" and pass these out to the unsaved, as a letter from God to the recipient. God\'s word is far better than anything that I could come up with as a tract or testimony. I\'m not really into standing on street corners and handing out tracts (I have nothing against them) but I do carry with me, my own written testimony, which I will pass on when I get the opportunity to witness, praise God. I will now carry copies of this letter as well.

What better way of letting people know that God loves and cares for them than to pass on the words which God has spoken through you?

Thank you so much again Keith; you were the person who requested that we had a section in TaskJesus called \"Listening to God.\"

Please let us know more about what is happening in South Wales and the events that you are holding at your church.

May His peace be upon you.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Treflyn Jones

  From: shereen A Leech 17 Apr 2013 (10:08)
Thankyou kieth,

Thats so uplifting and to start the day; I will do the same has Tref.

God Bless you

Shereen x

A prophetic message to think about  From: June Ritchie 20 Apr 2013 (10:00)
A number of years ago I wrote a booklet full of prophetic words for meditational purposes. each of them spanning life as it is with all its error, struggles and drawbacks. They offer wisdom and comfort as well as loving encouragement to those who feel anxious or walking in darkness of any kind.
Keith\'s words are so lovely and encouraging for everyone who will take hold of them. One of the most valued things in my life is the fellowship of Christian friends. Sometimes I feel we treat it far too casually and just let it become a \'gossip shop!\' There can be no greater way to enjoy God and His love than to do so with a group of other like minded people. If its real and not religious then laughter and joy are never far away at such times. I share here one of the messages I received on the importance of good and godly fellowship.

The fellowship you enjoy with my earthly family can far exceed your own expectations if you allow Me to bless your\' speech in order to use you to comfort and exhort. I have placed the church together, for a sole purpose to be in unity of soul whilst working together toward the increase of My Kingdom upon earth. ALL the good qualities of character should be evident as you meet together. Love and laughter, joy and peace, faith and thanksgiving, courage and kindness. All of these are attributes placed in my body on earth and are meant to be a familiar sight in order to bless one another as and whenever you meet. By giving forth the right words you can add something of goodness to your\' brother\'s character. By speaking a kind word of caution you can make open a new door of fresh direction. I AM IN MY FAMILY! I never leave it alone to falter or to react in fear. All the courage you need is readily given and as you learn to stand together that unity shall increase. Walk in the Light and allow that Light to shine on one another. Do not let it be quenched with worldly talk but let all speech together be that of a good and righteous nature, that I may be blessed to hear it! then in all your\' fellowship you will pour out a blessing of my presence saith the Lord. Amen. june R.

I wonder what would happen if.....  From: pauline Tait 25 Oct 2013 (11:15)
You stood on the street and declared this? My daughter wrote a song well rather God gave her a song. Others you could say 'sing it better' BUT when she sings it God's manifest presence becomes thick in the room there is something very powerful about the personal touch