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New York Born Ready Tour From: Terry Eckersley 31 Mar 2013 (11:51)
New York, New England Tour March 2013.

Firstly I want to thank my dear long time friend Bill Tetrault for inviting & organising The Born Ready tour. I first met Bill around 10 hears ago at an international conference with his desire to magnify The Christ & the Christian mission of The YMCA. We have had an amazing 10 days and 14 speaking engagements!! I spoke at many different places from Orphanages, Churches of differing flavours, slept & spoke in a rehab & The Bronx. I managed to have one chilled day in Time Square, and went to the top of The Empire State Building. We thank God for the opportunities to become friends, share and see so many responding to Jesus and ALL He has done, and many reports of refreshing, healing and encouragement.

I did miss seeing my wife Jill who some of you know personally or brought through her album Secret Place. We are planning a vacation next and prayerfully considering when next to come back to the USA. We have had many invitations back to speak, Jill sings and we want to do this in a prayerfully and intelligent manner, for maximum leverage for The Gospel. This seems to be developing in the New York and New England areas with new reason, new season, divine strategic partners.

Yonkers YMCA Good Friday Prayer Breakfast
My trip culminated in an amazing Good Friday celebratory prayer breakfast. This was a tremendous of The Church, YMCA and other key ministries and individuals working and enjoying life and friendship TOGETHER. this really was world shaking and history making........if this continues, history proves this and success leaves clues! I also shared with around 500 and gave an award and copies of The True Apprentice, I have had much positive feedback about this.

FREE resources
My full story in Born Ready is available through Amazon or my website www.terryeckersley.co.uk you can also sign up for our newsletter and my web guy will send this out in that format. I will also give FREE copies. Another FREE DVD & soon Jills CD is available through www.taskjesus.co.uk resources.

So my friends, enjoy Easter, stay blessed and catch up real soon.

Please pass on this newsblast to any relevant parties.

I am so grateful for Gods grace, your friendship, divine timing and partnerships and Jill and I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing you more.

Please pray for us as we continue pray for you.

Much love & prayers,