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The Charismatic movement From: June Ritchie 30 Mar 2013 (09:02)
Jim and I were born again right in the midst of the Charismatic movement and thanks to the guidance of God we celebrate it as a really exciting time in our lives. But no, it wasn\'t an easy time to be in. There were persecutions and suspicions on all sides of us within the churches in general. We were two folks who were suddenly plucked out of the world\'s hard hearted and plunged into a world filled with prophetic stirrings and going through the fires of learning how to use the gifts aright. In those early days it just seemed as though The Lord was in a hurry to teach us and to use us for His guiding hand was always there constantly leading us on. I often see some parts of my early Christian life as a roller coaster with new issues to face and new triasls it seemed round every corner. But OH! The worship of those days have never been equalled in my life. The depth of God\'s presence in the services and the awesome silences the Spirit led us into when one hardly dared to breathe because His presence was so lovingly heavy upon us. People never hesitated to dedicate themselves afresh in those days. New converts gathered weeping before the throne of grace in a very real repentance. Today is a new day and with a fresh set of problems and issues to examine, But its also a day to examine oneself in an honest manner and ask one or two inward questions such as;;
Have I changed for the better since my salvation? Do the people who surround me see the Saviour in me? Am I still leaning on the Holy Ghost for guidance or am I doing my own thing just as I always have.? Is my heart softer and my talk purer? Do I want to excercise the gifts or do I want to show people more of Jesus? And finally after all these years to ask myself ;;Have i really got to know the Saviour well or is he still a comparative stranger? I do believe in asking myself questions even if it takes courage to do so. But if I have become locked into an over-busy life I will probably never take the time or make the effort to do so . I see being a Charismatic person as a big responsibility for i will answer to Jesus for every single gift he has given me that I have not used. The object lesson is to find Christ for oneself and seek out His will alone for our lives. Looking back I have seen enormous changes in mine once I gave myself up to his will but that takes courage for it can bring changes we dont really want to see happen. Have you tried it yet. Theres an ocean of blessings contained in that direction. HAPPY EASTER. Junexx
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hallelujah  From: David Dawson 01 Apr 2013 (00:38)
thank you june and jim for being born again and full of the HOLY GHOST, I just caught the end of those Glory days the pentecostal movement was shaking down the traditional churches where people Anglicans Baptist Methodist and Evangelical churches were challenged by normal folk \'getting saved\' [people repenting and confessing Jesus is Lord and being filled with the HOLY GHOST speaking in tongues laying of hands on the sick, prophesying. unlearned men and women hitting the streets preaching the Gospel. BETHANY in Manchester overflowing , men being sent out in communities to preach and open churches..and in my childhood the Sharon church Moss side Manchester TV cameras wanted to know what was going on where peoples lives were being changed radically after hearing the Gospel.
Then the Evangelical organisation [great people] came with a doctorine of unbelief of the spiritual Gifts from God. society accepted them because they weren\'t as threatening with the Holy Ghost power..[this is not in reference to spirit filled evangelists] I got saved graciously with the God of Prophecy and it was the Holy Ghost singing and preaching brought me to the knees
I loved the C of E the vicar and wife who were born again, loved the people disliked the ritualism.
my fondest memory was at Baguley, Wythenshawe Manchester where i was discipled by men and women who were in there later years of life and when the ladies started singing old pentecostal choruses and then as the Holy Ghost moved on the church they started singing in tongues.. Blessed be the Name of the Lord did the anointing fall upon the church.. no clever musical instruments no mega sound systems, no mixing desk, no flashing ambient lights Just the presence of the Lord in His Glory,
Today we see ministries using the term God instead of Jesus in there deliberations, they seen if they say God they will not offend any one Just like the schools they want to put Jesus in the demi-god line up.. People are stemming the flow of the Holy Ghost moving FREELY Church leaders are frightenen to lose control over church meetings Churches they are putting musical substitutes in stead of the Holy Ghost moving amongst the believers.
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