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FORUM > Listening to God > How do we celebrate salvation?

How do we celebrate salvation? From: June Ritchie 13 Mar 2013 (10:23)
Looking now to my 43rd spiritual birthday I have always sought each year to do something special to celebrate the day Jesus came into my life on that never to be forgotten Good Friday afternoon. Maybe I am very lucky in the fact that Father chose such a special day to call me to repentance. It means that because of the Bank Holiday issue it cannot be easily forgotten. But hey its never been easy for me to put such a wonderful rescue and release aside as a thing not so important any more! After all that date is written on my heart in Big Red Letters! Over the years I\'ve sought to plan times of fellowship and rejoicing with the friends I love with a feast and an open house and felt the blessing of God pour down in answer as we have joined in celebration. Well sadly times change and friends who have often joined me in that are suddenly much too busy to help me celebrate it in that special way. So if my desire to celebrate it hasn\'t faded away, whats the next way to bless God for His goodness toward me? well this year I will celebrate it in Kenya but it will be in the spirit realm and not in the flesh the church that our adopted son goes to will celebrate it for me with kind of meat feast they all too seldom enjoy and the feast will be held at the Easter weekend ! I have no regrets in that for I see it through Father\'s eyes and know that it will once again be a special day but [perhaps even more special than ever before. It will feed a hungry people and make their rejoicings even greater in the most holy time of the year.
the more I think about it the more I see that this is the right way to plan it for this time. My friends will be folks I have never even met yet but the heart rejoicings on that day will be very real and one thing of great importance the day that day will bring me even greate r rejoicing as I endeavour to sacrifically celebrate my 43rd birthday. Life cannot get better or more beatiful than to obey God and feed the hungry and give drink to those who are thirsty.
Please pray for me that the feast will indeed be all that it needs to be in obedience to the Lord Jesus. Junex
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Birthday  From: shereen A Leech 14 Mar 2013 (09:34)
Hello June

Thanks for reminding me; and mine will be on the 20th march, when i will be 3 years;
mine is on a speacial day too-spring equinox.

Its mine and my doughters 2nd year of baptism too.

I had compleatly forgot !



Thanks Shereen  From: June Ritchie 17 Mar 2013 (11:55)
I trust the book I sent was good and meaningful to your walk at such a special time of year. At 43 yrs in Jesus I can still remember in \'72 walking a long way out to seas because the tide was out (Southport prom). We walked it together hand in hand and I have to say there were chilly breezes out there so was glad we were fully clothed. But the water was cold plus a little choppy and the wading tough. Despite being an bank holiday (Easter Saturday!) it was the first thing God convicted me of through the written word and we were fortunately blessed to find a small pentecostal fellowship who preached it and planned one for that time of year.
Previous to that the Lord had complicated things by giving us a thirst to achieve the baptism of the Spirit and we had gained it by the lovely mentoring we found in the Hesketh Bank fellowship. so were washed inside out and empowered all in a few short weeks!. I can only say both have been a glorious experience and for years at baptism services I longed to take to the waters again for the lovely feeling I got! I\'ve always been a great looker back and for me the memories life has held since salvation have been the best.
The more adventures i have in Jesus by the Holy Ghost the more I feel it impossible to forget my salvation and the time of it.
I felt it came at just the right time to restore my heart from total disillusionment and unhappiness.
So well what can one do in such a place of gratitude. I had a deep fear of drowning to deal with and I also lost all my denominational barriers because I couldn\'t take full baptism without offending and breaking the traditions, so I adopted Pentecost and learnt how to praise the Lord in a full bodied way.
I dont regret it at all and have never forgotten anything I\'ve gained because of it. This year of my salvation is also an adventure as I plan to feed a hungry congregation in Kenya out of a State Pension. HMM! Now that is an adventure! but I look forward to it even as I gear up in faith for the battle to provide it. I can rejoice for at 72 in June I am no stranger to God\'s miracles so will be looking up whilst I pray and plan.
I remember the rock from which I was hewn and am grateful for every deliverance I\'ve had over those years. SO If my thoughts on here remind any of what they owe to Christ then my work is going on in a good way. JR xx
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