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Mr agenda From: David Dawson 08 Feb 2013 (14:24)
The Holy Spirit and a sister in Christ inspired to me share the things Ive expreinced and a place where ive been to. And the Lord has been merciful and shown me how sneaky satan operates after repentance the Lord delievered me from its claws.
When you are standing on someone\'s toes. you are standing on the truth.. Sadly. Many people they are more concerned with there own hidden agendas many Christians suffer with this problem. The Bible has an answer to this problem 1) Discipleship 2) Not to allow young men or women into senior positions until they been discipled, gifted and anointed.There is no real problem with agendas its when it becomes secretive it then goes dark and powerful.Its dangerous game to play, because the game will overtake and becomes obsessive. For christians integrity is so important but this can start to go, when there is conflict between the hidden agends and integrity.Self is the winner..The classic tell-tell signs they become envious and see men /women being touched and being used by God. They even take a stance of i can do that or even better than that. There is a false humilty befalls upon them assuming religious folk do this.The danger is they can become boastful they will say Me and God and God done this and that; They have a deep desire to become better than everyone else, ie better car better instruments they become larger than life gotta to be seen gotta to be heard.Striving for platform ministry. Tell-tell sign, example when a pastor has either preached and ready to say amen .Mr / Mrs agenda will ask to .share somethibg quickly guarantee it will be a little sermonette. ive experienced a man of God say benediction which is a final prayer etc. but MrAgenda has to have final word. This is a disruptive spirit although they are really nice folk. sadly its a Pharisical religious spirit..
i beleive this people have not given all to Christ they are reluctant to let there old man to be buried. even talents and skills which many are blessed with, classic is in the music minstry u can hear it in musicians and speakers using there natural talent. They are frighten to let go. But there is no fear no matter what your special skills or talent you have, whether it making tea or you have a gift of administration God wants to use all these talents you\'ve been given. the thing is you got to let go and surrender them to God. Once surrendered that means youve surrendered your love skills and talents unto the Lord Every knee shall bow everything tongue will confess, for everything will Glorify the Lord.
Once surrendered the Lord will know your ready to Glorify Him with a clean heart and your talents skills musical instruments will come under His authority and when the Lord releases the skill or talent and gifting it will have His seal of approval and His anointing. .
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Agenda or if you like Gods plan  From: June Ritchie 16 Feb 2013 (11:48)
Hidden agendas lie within folks who remain enthralled by their secret ambitions.
SELF and all the faults and habits that SELF holds.
The desire to be seen and the longing for the applause of men.
O GOD how I have been there, where david is speaking of.
But if we as a people are totally with God and truthful with ourselves then we accept most of us have! Possibly not all the time, but yes some of the time. Treading on more humble toes can be so easy when a person is driven by ambition. There are levels in Christian life like the rungs of a ladder.
But the ladder is supposed to be the one made by our God NOT by ourselves. Maybe we just get too intent on climbing it, and regardless of who it may hurt, but we have to remember that sometimes if we insist on climbing on where others should be, then they get knocked down by us and can sustain terrible wounds in the process. If we are in Christ Jesus that should never be a part of our character. But then dying to self completely doesn\'t always happen swiftly to us but can be a slow process. Serving Jesus means having a ministry! But too often our secret ambitions make us career minded and thirsty for applause.
In the 1980s God woke me up one night and asked a question . \" Do you want a career or a ministry?\" I was shocked! For suddenly I saw applause for what it was. AN empty, momentary thing, but praise from our Saviour comes in the Afterlife not on the earth. We should question ourselves about which matters most. The truth of it for me brought strong tears. The desire to be SEEN is a disease that can grow out of proportion and cause much heartache.
Learning to step back into the shadows for Jesus, is something not easy to learn, but it does need to be learnt in the church and desperately so.
Do people see Jesus in us? Or do we want to be admired, respected and lifted up ourselves? Only truthful self-examination can show us the answer!
but we need to find it in order to gain victory in every aspect of life.
Ambition breeds frustration but humility promotes a deep peace.
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