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FORUM > Publications > The Trumpet Sounds For Britain David E. Gardner

The Trumpet Sounds For Britain David E. Gardner From: HOSSEIN KHALIFEHHADI 29 Jan 2013 (11:45)
This book is a careful analysis of rises and falls in this nation history since early times over long centuries, and explains the reasons why in some periods we have triumphed, and in others been cast down. Long island story contains episodes on which history seems clouded and doubtful, and of which the records are not clear. There is abundant evidence to show that hand of God has been on the history of this country from its very earliest beginning and at work on its behalf in at least five ways;

1) constituting us an group of islands
2) giving us Christain foundations
3) preserving those Christain foundations
4) ensuring that our laws based on the Bible
5) bringing about mighty acts of deliverance