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FORUM > Listening to God > His Grace is sufficient

His Grace is sufficient From: pauline Tait 31 Dec 2012 (23:28)
Why do we catagorize people make comments like...They need saving..write people off.

Today I was privilaged and blessed to pray with a young spanish woman who repented asked God to forgive her and submitted her life to Christ...Today she is under Grace and her journey has truly begun yesterday she was a lesbian escort addicted to drugs and recovering from a violent sexual attack...

We often pull a face when these dear ones fall again into sin but what sin does grace not cover what sin does the blood of Jesus not wash away.....

Grace is free  From: June Ritchie 01 Jan 2013 (11:17)
Thoughts on salvation by grace.
When salvation comes in it comes for a specific few reasons.
1/ To prepare us for heaven in the way that only the Holy Ghost can.
2/ To change an ungodly life and give us a brand new one that honours God.
3/ To take hold of our feet and set them on the path of righteousness.
4/ To show us how to put on the mind of Christ so that all the sins of the world will cease to have a hold on us.

This is a tall order I know but God by Jesus\' power is more than capable of transforming one individual life. However He still does not take away the fact that we have free will to continue on the same old path and in the same old sins. When Jesus rescued the immoral woman who was being stoned He didnt condemn her. But He did say to her Go and sin no more!
He was of course referring to the sin for which she had been accused.
So many things in Gods word point to what we have to do and how we have to live. We are to be transformed into the image of Christ Jesus. How would we do that if we remained in a lesbian state? We are to become a brand new creature and that is first a heart condition and only then can we obtain a transformed mind and body. The laws of God are clear from Genesis to Revelation and so are the consequences of breaking them. We have to remember that Jesus said He didnt come to change the laws but to fulfil them.
Whether alcoholic or drug addict etc my own salvation message has always remained the same encouraging vein. That Jesus Christ came to set every sinner free! But once we start compromising on freedom from sin because of receiving GRACE?
What would then happen? Well everybody would carry on being just as they have always been as sinners deep in sin. Living in the very miry clay that Christ came to lift us out of.
Repentance means turning away from sin in order to live freely from that which held us captive before Christ. His great cry as He went around preaching was \'REPENT for the kingdom of God is upon you\'. The bible is a mirror for us as a person just as james epistle said it was. And when read it convicts us of sin and of the need for deep change within. Jesus said it is the heart of man that is filled with evil thoughts, then it is the heart of man that has to change and the mind of man that has to by His grace begin to think in a new heavenly way which is far from our former sins. We have to rejoice in our spiritual freedom, but we have to also rejoice in the fact that we are not what we were in the beginning, Bbut that we are BY HIS GRACE truly being set free. Grace is such a lovely word and its not just sufficient its abundant!. But not to continue to wallow in the same mud where Christ finds us.
The encouragement from us always should be LET CHRIST LIFT YOU OUT.
And also to encourage \'PUT THE OLD WAYS BEHIND YOU\' so that you can walk in a new way with your head held high. No, we do not judge or condemn but we do point to a new and better life not in the world where we find them but in Christ Jesus alone choosing to live for Him and headed for heaven.
Getting rid of some sins can be tough! but then we tell them His Grace will help them for it is all sufficient until the change is complete. AMEN
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61 1-2 God, listen to me shout,  From: pauline Tait 20 Jan 2013 (09:09)
bend an ear to my prayer.
When I’m far from anywhere,
down to my last gasp,
I call out, “Guide me
up High Rock Mountain!”

3-5 You’ve always given me breathing room,
a place to get away from it all,
A lifetime pass to your safe-house,
an open invitation as your guest.
You’ve always taken me seriously, God,
made me welcome among those who know and love you.

6-8 Let the days of the king add up
to years and years of good rule.
Set his throne in the full light of God;
post Steady Love and Good Faith as lookouts,
And I’ll be the poet who sings your glory—
and live what I sing every day.