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FORUM > Listening to God > A Christmas thought

A Christmas thought From: June Ritchie 26 Dec 2012 (11:07)
At this time of year I visit a special Charity shop run by a local Methodist church to see what gems it is has hidden for the season. In a corner of the shop is a long bookcase where I always rummage with interest among multiple books it contains. But in one tiny corner of it there is a special interest shelf that always has some different kinds of spiritual, devotional and religious books in it. This year was no exception for there I discovered an old classic written by Charles M Sheldon many years ago entitled WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?
But I was exceedingly favoured by the fact that this copy is in a modern paperback with clear print. I was delighted though I already have the old classic hard copy on my bookshelf. I took it home with me!
Lots of things came together to draw me once more to read it for the holiday for me has been rather quiet and lonely so far and somehow this year I felt it keenly. After a visit to my family graveyard (where I spoke to God of how I felt)I left my flowers and got into the car. Driving down the road to go home just as we passed an outdoor license shop I spied a young man sitting round its corner on the floor looking utterly dejected! He had a shaggy looking mongrel dog with him. I remarked on it to Jim I need not speak of the reply of a man occupied with approaching a set of traffic lights. My heart filled with grief for i knew I could do nothing. I was not the driver but merely the passenger!
A passenger cannot choose when to stop the car and get out.
But my heart longed to do as I have so often done in past years when i had two good functioning legs and feet, for I would have been with the man to talk and try to help and cheer him. I wondered if he had eaten and if so what?
Had he been able to have a Christmas meal? He had an air of deep dejection about him and kep the dog close as if it was all he had.
I thought of my town\'s homeless centre and wondered if he needed someone to recommend it to him and help him to get there if if he consented
WHAT WOULD JESUS HAVE DONE! During the night I picked up the book tired as I was and read about the experiences of people who dared to ask themselves the question for a year. And I remembered the first time I read it when it drove me to my knees to make the same vow. Then I thought of my life and ministry now and regretted my bodily weaknesses that seem to have taken so much from me in line with God\'s work. If you drive around in a car you miss so much getting up close with a suffering public crowd.
If you cannot hear to make a phone call you miss being able to speak the cheery word a sick sister needs to hear. I realise now everyone has their own car they can drive it through life as slow and as fast as they wish. They can stop or go whenever they like. I\'m talking about having the choice to be like JESUS. But when your bodily car lets you down someone else has to control your driving and not everyone drives the same way. This Christmas I would consider it a privilege to get MY OWN bodily life back, but all I can do is seek God\'s face and long to hear all He wants to say to me. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Well I am again in the middle of the book seeing it all clearly and listening for His voice as i seek HIS GRACE.
Have a blessed and fruitful Christmas season everyone and look to God for 2013. Remembering there is a choice to be like JESUS! Junex .
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We all need to be encouraged  From: TREFLYN JONES 26 Dec 2012 (13:41)
Thanks for sharing this. I once took a tramp to the church when I was on holiday in Benidorm. No one there showed any interest in his situation. I have written this experience in the TESTIMONIES section.

We need to be loving and caring towards those less fortunate than ourselves.

Thank you for your encouragement.
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