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FORUM > Listening to God > what price a bull!

what price a bull! From: June Ritchie 11 Dec 2012 (11:51)
What a year this has been there has been so much crammed into it to make it a year of hearing Gods voice and obeying it. But the time being now December i have to pass on the message of being in God\'s favour. Life gets so busy at this season and we can find ourselves just not in the place where we have time to listen or time to hear. So many rich meals going on and celebrations galore to lift us up emotionally on a sort of high. But it doesnt last does it? the moment a problem issue comes we are close to struggling again. I\'m often amazed at how little it takes sometimes to rob me of inner peace yet how i love that condition and fight to stay in it. The place of abiding in Christ is a must! But its trials and temptations that rock the boat.
This year Jim and I have reached to three more countries with books and gifts
and all despite being pensioners. The rising costs of postal issues has meant the issuing of books that way has been a faith project in itself.
But then God said, I HAVE MADE AND I WILL BEAR! yes we have sought His face thru\' it all and when we have needed to hear His voice it has been clear.
Now involved with Kenya and a village feast that is big enough to need a bull to roast we ask God is it enough but then we always get the answer back.
JUST ONE MORE STEP OF FAITH. And when we take it what an exciting life it becomes. One feast with a goat has been enjoyed but a goat isnt big ewnough for a whole village. What a time of rejoicing there was here to know you are feeding the hungry? IT@S PRICELESS! So now a bull? Hmmm another question and a higher price so back to the Lord to seek His face for He is the provider and without His help we fall flat on our faces. What does abiding mean if it doesnt mean walking with Him and being guided by Him into brave and untried pastures? Trust can be hard but we have the bible\'s instructions we are not called to turn away. But stand with those in need. So no full food trolley here but efforts to feed the hungry wherever we are finding them. The blessings and the favour of God is so good when you are obeying Him. i can\'t wait to see what He does next year but I am believing He will take me on a plane ride for the first time since 1969! I dont know how it can be done but if its a part of His plan it\'s no sweat it will happen so I am walking the path of faith and going along for the ride. A blessed Christmas. Junexx