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Words inspire us to better things From: June Ritchie 20 Nov 2012 (09:59)
Looking back I cannot see a time in my salvation where the Apostla Paul has not been able to inspire me and spur me on to greater efforts for Christ.
From Genesis to revelation we find things within the bible that can and will revive the fire within our souls and steady our resolve to stand firm to the end. Inspiring words can cause a godly purpose to be renewed and feeble knees to be strengthened to stand up straight. Yes we love Jesus and we owe Him much that we can never repay. That fact alone should keep us firm in God\'s purposes but the fact is the clamour of the world is loud and crises that can come about in a Christian life can fight against us, till it seems the fire of God wilts by the pressures that abound.
The need to be freshly inspired daily goes on, it never goes away. For that reason I am so grateful for all those men and women of God whom God has raised up to stir me afresh. To persuade and encourage me to stand tall in Christ\'s love. and to stir the glowing embers within so that a fresh fire breaks forth . How I love God\'s word! With its treasury of gems to discover and then to assimilate. I cannot even imagine what it must be like for the believer who is unable to obtain the written word for themselves and I find the prospect saddening because of the inner strength to be found in its pages.
All over the world there are hungry people being brought constantly to our notice and if we care we hasten to help how we can. But even now after many years, the shortage of bibles is still very real across the globe.
Whilst our own shops are filled with a widening choice of God\'s written word. Does that help us to take it for granted? Supposing it was to be suddenly removed! The thought is a drastic one and I hope it never comes about but for that reason I take my stand with those whose God- given task it is to put the bible into lands where life for a disciple is difficult and dangerous.
Simply because I know it is the greatest treasure I have to keep me steady and standing firm in God. I bless and admire the men and women sent to us to exhort and inspire in the Holy Ghost all that is written there. The times are darkening, but the light of God\'s word must not be forgotten, despised or put aside as a second rate way of Christian living. As we confess it God will bless His word for it is His word and cannot lie. AMEN Junex