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FORUM > Listening to God > Having a holy attitude

Having a holy attitude From: June Ritchie 12 Oct 2012 (13:50)
Do you ever think of how you come across to people? Writing about these things makes you think more about the need to honour God on a day to day basis.
If we lived our Christian lives with a mirror constantly before us we would have an idea of how we look to other people.
Whether we inspire them or turn them off Christ permanently.
It\'s a huge responsibility! That other people can be won or put off by our witness. Its time to be honest and see that the true character we portray is a big part of our result.
When the children of Israel came out of Egypt they were an emotional mess.
Full of fears, full of moans if things went wrong and ever eager to make a scapegoat of the man who was sent by God to get them out into a land of their own.
Did they ever stop to look at their reflection? I very much doubt it!
Did they see themselves as others see them? I very much doubt that too! Attitudes matter. Attitudes can bring us happiness or misery on a regular basis.
Attitudes can bring strife and a lot of sorrow into our lives.
Theres a lot to be said about modelling oneself on the character of Jesus.
And there\'s an overwhelming desire to comfort ourselves with \'well, nobodys perfect except Christ\' Its a cop out!
We have the book and all the guidance we need to become more like the Lord in every way, but in order to do it and succeed we need to deal firmly with our attitudes since much of the time they need cleaning up.
HONEST PRAYER HELPS! Getting rid of the rough bits of us is very much a problem issue,
It takes courage to tackle them and a lot of faith to let God deal with them. Whether we like it or not we cannot win unless we do. Time to get so close to Jesus that all our wrong attitudes disappear and all fleshly speeches vanish. THEN WE\'LL HAVE VICTORY! Love Junex

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attitudes  From: maryann 13 Oct 2012 (05:52)
its the way you treat other people that shows the character living inside you! SO if JESUS lives inside us we should always be kind, gentle, loving but not stupid!

an interesting subject this  From: June Ritchie 14 Oct 2012 (10:23)
what is an attitude? Its the way we behave when we are confronted either with an issue, problem or a person who is a little difficult to cope with.
it\'s the way we react when we are presented with an idea from someone else that is not quite pleasing to us. I believe a lot of such attitudes can be bred into us by our upbringing and am fully aware that in my own case that is very true costing me a lot of tears throughout Christian life. I also believe that attitudes can be born out of some kind of tragic situation that occurs in our life. Sudden deaths of a loved one, divorces because of unfaithfulness etc and continual harrassment and bullying at school.
People bleed emotionally when they are hurt. Some of those wounds stick for years and can colour the whole of our lives from then on.
Confronting them is not easy its far easier to pretend they arent there. dealing with them can only come after coming face to face with Jesus through the scriptures and honest prayer. He is our mirror and such a wonderful one to possess in our lives. Non acceptance means struggle to admit and overcome them. Which is why it seems so important to still look at repentance and confession in the right light. Do we ever become too big and too grown up in Christ to acknowledge their importance? In my own life and in what I see there by my mistakes and their results I would utter a resounding no.
In one small way I see myself as blessed and that is by seeing the importance of a life attitude that brings Honour to my Saviour. But I can still remember the struggles to even meet some of the challenges of that in the beginning and the length of time that struggle lasted. BAGGAGE! That\'s what attitudes are. And they can do a character damage privately and socially from day to day.
As disciples we usually develop a desire to become Christlike in our dealings with others. But what is it that too often gets in our way/ SELF! BAGGAGE!
Yet we are told if we want to become Christlike, self must die and I still remember how I began to feel and act after going through the waters of baptism whilst still in the C of E church. I can only call it a polishing act by the Saviour. i am not a confident person Except in who I am in Christ Jesus.
I learnt and yet am still learning not to put too much trust in myself, Because wrong attitudes can still pull me down, (to my sorrow).
How do we win any battle? In this instance By making war on SELF.
Not letting it reign over the Christ side of me. Refusing to allow it full sway when in difficult social confrontations. Sadly even now I can still recall the pain of all that my life has gone through, before and after meeting Christ, but if I cannot let jesus heal all the attitudes from itall, then I will fail God in my Christian life and witness. Like the apostle Paul \'I put no confidence in the flesh\' I want to become more like Jesus with every passing day and in order to do it with God\'s help, I have to let the candle of the \\Lord shine in every corner of my soul to get the darker shades out. If I am determined I will win through, for He will help me all the way and I will continue to strive for perfection. For that way I\'ll know I am seeking to honour God. Never fully trusting myself but always fully trusting Him and the guiding power of the Holy Ghost. Have a blessed sunday. June
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Having a holy attitude  From: maryann 15 Oct 2012 (16:55)
Ive noticed that this topic ....ATTITUDES...has been spoken about quite a lot lately, amongst teachers...and of course , then everybody else uses the same phrase......its an attitude.......Is this something new, NO, An attitude is something we have concerning all things whether we like it or not, its actually just an expression, a thought........but then A holy attitude....now, thats something a bit different, before we used to say, Its God changing you from the inside out...the brand new man.....new wineskins.......God in you, His Word becoming your thought life, should change your attitude if it hasnt been good before.
Just an attitude is something everybody can choose to have, whether positive or negative, both christians and non christians...you cant get away from it, its there....But when The Holy Spirit gets grip of your heart,you abiding in christ, nourishing yourself in HIM every day, then you change from the inside out, and when His Word really becomes your lifestyle, your attitude can suprise you, e.g. before you used to get angry in the roundabouts or on the road when you thought someone was stupid, and then suddenly you smile and wave at them instead of pointing a finger...and you think...now, what was that, was that really me........thats how God changes you, and then sometimes you forget and have a bit of temper, but it doesnt take long before God tells you, you didnt have to act that way, and you repent.....thats God working in you!

And even more difficult is it when brothers or sisters in Christ have a different viewpoint of how to do something than you...you feel God is telling you, this way, while others say, no! that way......you get frustrated cause you really see that their choice is not going to be a success, theyre in such a hurry, Remember God is never in a hurry.......you want to quitt and just let them have their way.......relax...just let them have their way...if its not God, it will be a flop, and then you can put your ideas into action.....sometimes God has to use us to help others find the right ways to do things through their mistakes and HE teaches, you patience...cause what HE decides, will come to pass, be sure, no matter what...dont be in a hurry, give everybody a chance. God can use you to let others see their mistakes. We have to try and work together even when we dont feel like it.....working together for HIS good......attitudes.........godly attitudes.......is the one new man in you working from the inside out..........working for HIS good! lets not ever give up!

Let\'s not ever give up!  From: June Ritchie 16 Oct 2012 (09:23)
Thats a good phrase of yours Mary Ann! there\'s lots of pressure out there to be a quitter and when all goes wrong its too easy to form a defeatist attitude?
I wonder if its just that we often forget just how big God is!
Leaning on Him we can\'t fail or go wrong. It\'s when we step out and follow our own thoughts and feelings that we stumble. Jesus gives us the best example for there is no-one on this earth who has leaned on Father God the same as He did and does today. the result being He became a Winner in every sense of the word.
well the church is still here in the midst of it all eh.
And it mustn\'t fail in any of it\'s holy purposes so I suppose the daily message for success and overcoming is to lean ever harder. Just received a gorgeous picture of my nieces little two year old face she\'s just looking up into her mum\'s face in a totally trusting manner. i have put it in a prominent place for a regular glance cos to me thats really how I need to walk just looking up trustingly into the Saviours face. Then He\'ll turn my wreaknesses into strengths am sure.
have a good day! Junexx

June - yes  From: maryann 17 Oct 2012 (06:11)
looking up to God s face is also a good phrase, thats what helps us all the way.....not our ways but HIS...lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknmowledge HIM and HE shall direct your paths, that is when we succeed and become a success to others......
I have a big old fashioned drawing of Jesus with all the little children in diffr. colours sitting on His lap and standing round HIM, they are all looking at His face intensivly-....im sure you know that picture, AND i just love it, it shows complete trust......Actually God blessed me to get this picture, its quite big...nicely framed, from an Englishman on the market for only 10 euros! wow , wasnt i blessed! have a lovely day......love ma