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FORUM > Meeting Reports > Taskjesus meeting John Gaughn

Taskjesus meeting John Gaughn From: pauline Tait 27 Sep 2012 (22:30)
What a brilliant meeting straight away on arriving there was an awesome atmosphere lots of new faces and some old friends. The worship was anointed and it was so easy to be affected by God\'s presence. I had invited an old friend under a prompting from God it was wonderful to be worshiping by her side again.John\'s testimony sounded fresh even though I have heard it before God used his testimony to speak to me. Showing me that even that day Jesus had heard the cry of my heart. When John sang I had a vision of a mountain meadow (can\'t spell plane) smile. Not sure what it meant just yet I\'m so tired and off to bed. I feel truly blessed to be part of the Task Jesus family.
I thank God for those who were saved tonight and for the blessing of knowing God loves each of us all the time.

Barbara Johnson via facebook  From: pauline Tait 27 Sep 2012 (22:57)
what a great evening, went for meal with my friend Carol at the pub, then on to task Jesus meeting.How good to meet with John Gaughan of Hermans Hermits fame..what an lovely genuine man..wonderful singer/songwriter. bless you, and thankyou Treflyn and Ann for all your hard work/ night and God bless to all my friends and family