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FORUM > Listening to God > Nobody s perfect!

Nobody s perfect! From: maryann 20 Sep 2012 (19:39)
Just listened to a wonderful teaching from Joyce M. and she is so right, Nobody is perfect, i m tired of people always trying to correct others just because they dont use the same words, have the same thoughts etc. ...they always think theyre more spiritual, way ahead etc...and actually, thinking of it...theyre most probably not...the problem is that they have a big problem with themselves, always having to try to prove themselves for some reason or other,...maybe we can say they are manipulators...because they have been trod upon in life they have to tread on others to prove themselves......this should not be the practise when one is born again and have walked with God for many years, but unfortunatly there are those who still have this problem, why...because they have never admitted it...they are not healed..... and it can be very poisionous to the body of Christ......until they get healed......but God knows everything, and it will be revealed ...for sure. God has no favorites and HE is a rewarder of everybody who diligently seeks HIM!...God is not looking for anybody perfect......HE is the only perfect one.....the reason HE stooped down to us is just because of our unperfectness...HE knew we couldnt make it, therefore HE came to save us....halleluja! KNOW who you are in Christ! God is pleased with you! He died for you because of your weaknesses, I have Jesus in my life because i am not perfect.....Math 3.16.......He is always there for me .....God said...This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.....Jesus needed to hear these words..for confidence and confirmation when He died on the cross for you and me, Likewise HE is well pleased with you when your heart is fixed on Him.......HE will never leave you nor forsake you...God lives in me! and you! We are His partners and HE listens to us! , God is pleased with us, when we belong to Him! We are God s business and nobody else s ! Diligence pays off! We get rewarded when we never give up.....me and God, you and God is enough to defeat any enemy! God never gives up on you, and HE will help you through your mistakes...HE doesnt leave you because of that, remember, HE even spoke to a donkey!.....HE will always turn your mistakes into victory when you follow HIM, be sure!

an imperfect man  From: June Ritchie 27 Sep 2012 (13:29)
No nobody is perfect and yet God is showing in these days that he has such wonderful plans for so many of His children\'s lives. Being privileged as an author to write on God\'s word and the stories in it can be an awesome insight in this area. As now in a second volume of \'Plans of God\'I can see plainly this factor of how God chooses an imperfect man or woman and puts into action a plan for their lives, giving to them a ministry they would never have dreamed could be theirs. Jacob was far from being a perfect person and yet Gods plan was astounding for he had literally picked him out to begin a whole new lineage so that He could build a new nation called Israel!
Going into the story to build a picture has been something precious for me for in Vol. 1 I saw the supernatural way God wove the whole plan together. But now in Volume 2 am seeing something so different! No, the man still isnt perfect but he is CHOSEN! He has his weaknesses, yet God chooses to make promises to him and then to wonderfully keep them! Throughout all the studies and the musings, I have learnt a precious thing and that is, no matter how imperfect I may be myGod is the author of His promises to me and He chooses to keep them wonderfully well.
Also I can see the fact that in God\'s plan there exists many corners and we have to always walk on to go around them in order to find out what He has prepared there! Some of the divine incidents in Jacob\'s life were so preciously and supernaturally holy I stand in awe of them.
This imperfect woman has taken courage in it all. Knowing that God is already bringing His plan for me to a perfect fulfilment. Not at all because I\'m perfect but because he is! And whatever way He chooses to build a ministry plan in my life it is going to be right because he is never wrong!
Yes keeping one\'s eyes fixed on the Lord at times can be difficult, because we are all so humanly imperfect, but where can we go to lose sight of Gods love. The perfections of Jesus are all we need as our example. And the divine plan of God is only the way we can follow in order to succeed. I rejoice even now because imperfect as I am, God revealed His ongoing plan and over four decades of my life has put amazing things together to build that plan into my life and ministry. To me a successful author is not one who makes money, but one who has a good number of people coming back to ask for more of the same and when that happens to be outside of ones own country, I gain the increased joy of finding out how big my God really is. One last thought is that Jacob had ambitions and thought he was going in the right direction to achieve it. BUT GOD HAD OTHER PLANS and they were so much better. In my young days becoming a mother seemed the way to perfection as a woman. BUT I am so glad i am finding out his better for me and it all took a far different direction. Blessings Junex

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