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apostacy From: maryann 14 Sep 2012 (18:31)
Just watched a teacher on TBN, church channel...representing, TOMORROWS WORLD, which is run by something called LIVING CHURCH OF GOD, Canada......they had broadcasting on TBN some years ago but where taken off, now they are back again, which suprises me, cause they have such a serious false teaching that is very dangerous.....I know what im saying is true, cause they sent me their magazines some years ago as it looked very good, but then i started reading more about their endtime teachings and found that it was not good at all, although it would have been very good if it had been so, but unfortunatly it contradicts God s Word...They teach that everybody will get a chance to get saved before the Great White throne Judgement at the very end of time. all the dead that have died before will get a chance to say yes to Jesus because they had been misled into some false teachings!!!! Thinking of this, i thought, that would be just wonderful if this was true, but unfortunatly God s Word does not say so...they are very very clever, and twist God s Word in an amazing way......because this means, that all jehovah witnesses, mormons, islamist whatever religion, who didnt understand the Gospel will then get a chance, AND then i ask myself, what is the purpose of spreading the Gospel now with such effort, when God is gonna forgive our ignorance anyway!!1 I just cant believe that a christian station like TBN can swallow this lie!!! its very very sad...but God s word does say that great apostacy will come and even the elete will be lured......So many good programs on TBN and so many good teachers, so this is sad...
Some weeks ago i listened to a program and a prophetic man told Paul Crouch that something very bad was coming his way but it would be good again...wonder if it had to do with this.......cause it will def. ruin them a lot i think....they have been warned, but not taken heed yet......God knows , we will see what happens! we must just pray!!!!!pray!!!! pray!!!!