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Prophetic songs From: June Ritchie 08 Sep 2012 (10:05)
I\'m sure many of us have had such an experience as this where an old song or chorus comes swiftly to the heart and mind even though one cannot recall all the words because of the great lapse of time. Quite often it\'s Jim\'s happening but usually he has to come to me to get put in the picture. (I\'ve no idea why!)
LOL. This time it\'s me and I feel its important to share it, for there must be lots of us who can look back to see old songs we knew and recognise that because of the era they were created in, they are now actually prophetic on the times we are now living in. To realise that is truly awesome, it means that these Psalmists were truly in touch with the Spirit in those days and he helped them to move prophetically in songs for the church to sing. But sadly in these days the songs we sang then seem to now too rarely come forth. Is it because we are constantly inundated with new ones ? If so we can see that one of the reasons for that, is even in the Christian world the song making industry is a very lucrative one! I like to go back quite often to the old Songs of fellowship by the Kingsway people to explore again the songs and choruses which were popular some twenty years ago! I never look through emptily, God always has a fresh blessing hidden in it for me to find and reminisce in. This one of today is no exception to that rule, but had a bigger impact on me because of it\'s prophetic truths and so I can only feel sad that it is not often heard any more, for to me it is a battle cry meant for the church in this very hour.
1992 KIngsway Thakyou music. by Noel Richards and Gerald Coates.

Great is the darkness that covers the earth,
Oppression, injustice and pain,
Nations are slipping in hopeless despair,
Though many have come in your Name,
Watching while sanity dies,
Touched by the sadness and lies,
Come Lord jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out your\' Spirit we pray,
Come Lord jesus, come Lord jesus,
Pour out your\' Spirit on us today.

May now your\' church rise with power and love,
This glorious gospel proclaim,
In every nation salvation will come,
To those who believe in your\' Name,
Help us bring light to this world,
that we may speed your\' return,

Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out your\' Spirit we pray,
Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out your\' Spirit on us today.

Great celebrations on that final day,
When out of the heavens you come,
Darkness will vanish, all sorrows will end,
And rulers will bow at your\' throne,
Our great commission complete,
Then face to face we shall meet,

Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out your\' Spirit we pray,
Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out your\' Spirit on us today.

My spirit has been singing this whilst I have been writing it for I see the proof of the words written by these men, all around the country and around the global world. With songs such as this we stay bold and we stand strong as the world breaks into panic around us! They are filled with truth, with hope and with courage and I just want to inject their Spirit into those who read this. That we all may continue to stand strong, no matter what comes upon England as a nation and that we will also not forget there is a large third world outside suffering much more than we do. There\'s a need to put light in the darkness and hope into those who have lost all hope. Whether by prayer or preaching, let\'s do it together! Blessings and ministry to all of us today Junexx
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