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FORUM > Speakers > Ian was a happy young chap diving for shellfish off the Maur

Ian was a happy young chap diving for shellfish off the Maur From: TREFLYN JONES 02 Mar 2008 (12:00)
Ian was a happy young chap diving for shellfish off the Mauritius Islands when he was stung by a Box Jellyfish. In his account of events he describes what happened, and how he died from the sting. However, because his Mum had been praying for him for years, the Lord had to answer those prayers. So the Lord spoke to Ian in Heaven after his earthly death, was told that his mother had been praying for him for a long time, and was given the choice of either staying in heaven or returning to earth. Ian gives all the details in his account, so please come along to one of the venues.
================================ REPORT ON THE MEETING =================================
I went to the meeting at Hillcliffe Baptist Church in Warrington to listen to Ian present his testimony. I have to say I have listened to quite a number of various Testimonies but this was by far the most interesting and life changing testimonies I have ever heard. Ian delivers his testimony with honesty, clear and concise descriptions of all the events and situations interspersed with just the right touch of comedy. At the end there was an open invitation for the congregation/audience to pray the sinners prayer. Over 20 people gave their lives to the Lord.

I had the opportunity of meeting Ian and myself and Richard Keene prayed for Ian. If you ever get the opportunity of attending one of his his testimony meetings please take along someone who is not a Christian with you. This testimony is awesome and Ian is a genuinely nice person with time for everyone.

May God bless and protect him. Amen

I obtained two copies of his testimony on DVD. I an gave me permission to copy and distribute these should anyone want a copy, please e-mail me. They are FREE.