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listn. to God / today From: maryann 05 Sep 2012 (09:54)
Dont focus on your failures, what you think you might or should have done, focus on what God is telling you now and continue to listen to hear what HE is saying about this......until the time is ripe...... Remember there are many oppertunities tempting all the way....but it might not be the right one for you.....the one God has specially designed for you to be part of.....HE knows you better than you know yourself and doesnt want you to end up in anything that will prevent you from receiving from HIM when the right time comes, HE doesnt want you to waste time...time is very precious.......we need a lot of WISDOM to be able to really hear from GOD!

and remember , it is by grace alone we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ.....HE did it all...we can not add anything to the finished work on the cross! Thank you for the cross my friend!

we all need such good advice  From: June Ritchie 08 Sep 2012 (09:40)
MaryAnn speaks guiding words there and it would be good if we could realise how precious the time is in our lives which are described scripturally as A Vapour.
we know how soon such things can disappear we live once and are to give ourselves to Gods work as it presents itself. Sometimes the nighttime can be incredible for me as tired or not the Spirit just stirs me up to worship in bedtime hours where its impossible to stay there. So I follow where He leads and then take some rest once He allows it. Last night was no exception!
I was woken up to a song out of \'The Witness\' musical the creation out in the eighties that I joined as a member of the inter denominational choir.
The song was the song of affirmation sung by Peter the fisherman near the beginning and then again at the end.
The words of strong and dramatic and brought down the Spirit upon the prisons where we performed it. (You are the Christ the Son of the living God, You are the Christ, you are the Lord. And then the ladies turn; You are the Lifegiver, Lifegiver, Pour your\' life on me, You are the Christ you are the Lord! ) The words are so very real to me, I can hear the choir singing the words and the warmth of feeling is awesome! I passed on from there to other songs in the musical and just spent time worshipping God with each one. Needless to say, I was very much awake and had to rise to do some work on my book, \'The plans of God\' which is so far solely in Genesis.
I worked at it till I reached the [place I was meant to reach and then knew I was allowed to go back to bed and rest some more. I slipped into bed and felt so warm in His presence. I began to pray quietly in tongues and must have just floated off so quickly and comfortably. The Spirit draws us on to better and higher things if we are listening. We gain greater insight and spiritual strength if we choose to enter His presence and learn from Him.
Now when finally up for the day, I still feel so grateful to Jesus for that lovely experience, each one is precious we have to be determined to be taught to hold on to them for as time passes the fires of the end times grow brighter. I cannot think of a better way than to sing and worship our way to heaven. Junex
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