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WHAT A SURPRISE SHOCK I HAVE GOT, ANDREW WOMMACK From: derek leslie 29 Aug 2012 (20:04)
Surprise surprise Andrew Wommanck does not teach the pre trib rapture who would have thought that.
Something I have just found out Andrew Wommack does not teach a pre Tribulation rapture. I know many members on this site follow this man.
I don\'t, but I must take my hat off to him for teaching what the Bible really says about it. he teachers on God did nor suffer us to wrath.
I have not gone though all his teachings on it, I am sure people can search though the links themselves from inside this link
It gives the same thoughts has me.
See this link http:// www.awmi.net/bible/1th_05_09
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suprise, suprise! / Derek , my friend.....  From: maryann 30 Aug 2012 (18:26)
Excuse me, but you almost seem gleeful...that you might be right...but as i told you the Bible interprets itself....Of course, there will be many christians left behind after the catching away...you can just read the parable of the 10 virgins to understand that......not all have oil in their vessels! you can say they will be given a 2nd chance during the tribulation, the question is, will they be able to stand up to JESUS then, when they didnt really care to do much about it while the time of grace was still here. I can also refer to the 1st chapter of Revelation were it says in chapter 1 verse 7...BEHOLD , HE IS COMING WITH CLOUDS, AND EVERY EYE WILL SEE HIM, EVEN THEY WHO PIERCED HIM, AND ALL THE TRIBES OF THE EARTH WILL MOURN BECAUSE OF HIM........This verse clearly states the situation on earth when Jesus will return with all His saints, i.e.all born again believers through the ages , who have died or been caught up at the catching away before the tribulation....the people on earth will thenmourn when they see HIM........that is a complete diffr. picture of when a true born again believer that has the Holy spirit in him, will react....they will not mourn when they see HIM, they will JOYFULLY leave this earth to meet Him in the sky!!! glory halleluja!
Remember, John got the revelation of the coming of Christ and the years of tribulation coming on the earth when he was prisoner on Patmos.......He was the last disciple alive who had experienced fellowship with Jesus while he was on earth and also the ressurection.....why do you think it was important for God to give John this revelation.......to comfort the christians and tell them what would happen and not get anxious, cause Jesus would save us from the wrath to come, chapter 3 verse 10 / 11..........Jesus never gives us NEGATIVE MESSAGE HE always GIVES US A POSITIVE, UPLIFTING MESSAGE, HE DID NOT COME TO JUDGE US BUT TO SAVE US....TO ENCOURAGE US AND NEVER TO DISCOURAGE US.......
personally i think John got this message to manifest what was said earlier in Thess.4....so there would not be any misunderstanding.....the Bible interprets itself............many pictures that Jesus delivers us, throughout the Bible.....HE always takes His TRUE believers OUT OF EGYPT....OUT OF SODOM ! So why shouldnt HE take us out of the tribulation......
BE blessed everyone who is waiting for HIM! actually it even says that those who eagerly wait for HIS return will get a crown to honor this event!!!!

and in the wake of all this  From: June Ritchie 02 Sep 2012 (12:32)
I stop to agree with Maryann\'s thoughts on it and am drawn to the story of the sheep and the goats as they stand on the right and the left side of the Lord Jesus. I think He meant it as a wake up call and a warning not to get complacent in our walk with Him. Not to get too totally settled with the facts of our service as the goats were. But to humble ourselves and remain in that learning position of how to be more like Jesus day by day. how to have such a close relationship with Him so that He will never need to say I NEVER KNEW YOU.
That for me is the bottom line of all of it and the main thing that drives me on when the clamouring of the world seems too loud to ignore.
The goats served as His disciples but HOW? and in what spirit? They were totally confident that they had His approval until that moment of truth arrived. And what a shock it must have been and of course shall be.
One good reason for living as a disciple then. To be found on the right side of Jesus Christ in that day as one of His sheep. Junex