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FORUM > Listening to God > Seperated to Christ / set aside for HIM.

Seperated to Christ / set aside for HIM. From: maryann 22 Aug 2012 (20:21)
Chosen for God s use, ref. Gen12,1 Abram , go from your country to a land I will show you, that was the beginning of a long journey.
Abraham went out not really knowing how it would end up and he was willing to seperate himself from familiar surroundings, culture etc. to follow God s voice .He was starting a journey of discovery, that is the characteristic of faith. We are also like that, and we go out not knowing how it will end up.It is a journey of discovery, But you know God is with you.
Lot was with him, ref. Gen 13, But later they had to seperate.They were brothers.Abraham let Lot choose which direction to go cause he knew whatever outcome for himself, it would be God s choice. They had different values in life. How can two walk together unless they are in agreement.......

The values and gouls in life are most important. Lot chose one way, Abraham took the other.
Some people think they have to choose all the time, they cant even say yes to an invitation before saying, i have to ask Jesus 1st! They are led by a feeling of insecurity, thats what you can call being supersticious or overspiritual......we need to grow up! But we dont have to decide all the time, God can use the decision of others to make your calling clear.

This nation, Abrahams people, were called to be an example to the rest of the world......through all generations.....its most interesting! When abraham was called to set up the Tabernacle in the wilderness, he had to choose certain servants to do the job.They were to seperate from the rest , ref.Numb.8,14. and Lev. 10,10, and so you make a distinction between the clean and the unclean, holy and profane. When God calls us to something that is distinct from this world, we are called as a people to be priests to God. He will call us away from all kinds of things......My kingdom is not of this world, i.e. the values, the authority , etc. is not to be of this world. If we continue to follow this calling it will draw you out of this world i.e. why Abraham became such an extraordinary man. Imagine all the changes he went through. There was no instruction manuel for him, like we have today, no one had done it before, many think of this in religious terms, but thats wrong.... we must not become religious people, making things ordinary, customary i.e. religion. Maybe, sometimes we should tell the body to do things differently.Religion will always tell you what is holy and what is not holy...look at the priests, clothing, long hair on some people, electric guitars, certain foods, clothing etc. etc. this has nothing to do with what God calls you to, there is nothing in this world that is clean enough, only God can make something 100% clean. God determines what is holy . The Bible will continueously challenge us, e.g. the spies to Jerico, who helped them...it was Rahab the prostitute. she is honoured as a woman of faith. God used her and those spies were wise enough to accept her help and made a covenant with her to save her family.she became a hero of faith.
Laws...God s ..is love , faithfulness, honouring God s spirit ...these are unmovable laws of God.
We cant honor the rules instead of God.If you are ruled by the rules , what then is the difference between you and the religious...The laws are given to help us to help us rely on Him alone. The most important thing we can do is to trust God! Its not about righteousness or to make the right decisions, its all about HIM, His plan, His purpose, and if i cant do anything else, THIS I CAN DO, I CAN TRUST HIM! No matter what mood i am in , i can still trust God!
Ref. Job, when he lost everything, his wife told him to curse God, but he said NO!, he fell on his knees and face and honoured God, naked I came, naked i go, why should i expect to end up with anything when i came into this world with nothing, blessed be the name of the Lord...i.e. the value of what brings believers together.
The journey of faith is long.Many times we feel alone , no one understands. Its a strange adventure.It demands a special kind of courage and then one day you will wonder, how could this have happened....how could i possibly have expected this.......think of your life...And sometimes you look at yourself and wonder, how come..... Ref.abraham, he went out and didnt have a clue and became the father of all nations , all of God s promises came true!

Sometimes you can look at people who have been given every advantage in life and they just blow it all, loose it! And then you see some who have nothing and they can end up super rich, prosperous , etc. ...where does this power come from.......
It is a challenging strange walk and you will wonder, how come, my life turned out like this.......ref. Moses /the shepherds stick, Joseph, all Gods promises came true, his dreams......they trusted God, the journey of faith , you take the 1st step , you dont know where you are going, but you have to trust God and HE will never leave you!
And then you might have some people who supported you, and then suddenly they dont have your vision anymore for something new, and then you have to decide, which way God, this or that....but there is no going back, in Christ alone, youve come this far and God will take you to the end even if some people leave you, that is walking with God.

Sometimes we can get into real difficulties...think of Israel...the situation they are in now....anything can happen anytime, its happened before, but they have to trust God...we dont war against flesh and blood but spiritual authorities in dark places.....

In Judges God called Gideon to go to war, judges 7,5....Gideon had to seperate some people to war. choosing 300 soldiers ....strange way, strategy was not normal, God chose Gideon although he had never been a successful leader, not a soldier....Acts 13,2...Barnabus and Saul, seperated to do God s job,they had no special education to lead,
Where is the rulebook on how to live in restored Israel, how to live together...its God s law in us.....He leads us, changes us, helps us, encourages us...you write the rulebook.....there is no turning back, you press on, trusting HIM, Its not about our own wise decisions, not about our gifts, our talents , Its all about THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF LIFE...You must eat My flesh and drink My blood, Jesus said...they must have wondered...and one disciple said, where are we going......
There is no going back .Its all a call to seperate yourself, to leave what is familiar.a journey of seperation to be led by HIM. A long journey , but God does not seperate....ref. Isaiah 653, My house will be a house of people from all nations, Math.19.6 walking together, what God joins together....God will never allow us to be seperated from Him. Nothing can seperate us from the love of God. Rom. 10, 13 to 35.
There is only one man that has ever given up His whole life for you and that is Jesus, when you know that , then you will know that you will get whatever you need to keep going! Walking in to your inheritance, receiving your rewards. God will give you everything you need to fulfill your journey and to be seperated from this world to fulfill His purposes!