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re alpha course thew course is a good evengelical one. but i From: David Dawson 24 Apr 2009 (12:00)
re alpha course the course is a good evengelical one. but ive a discipleship course with basics its geared up to bring a whole fellowship into one accord starting from scratch, as you have probably experienced every body is at different levels of understanding, and different concepts it is a study that is evolving. it is a study with the answers in plus editorial comments each one can be adapted to your fellowships vision blessings
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  From: pauline Tait 29 Sep 2012 (11:03)
What a good idea I think people think the Alpha Course is anglican don\'t they?

such ideas are needed  From: June Ritchie 30 Sep 2012 (13:12)
I dont wish to disagree or object to anything being said here, far be it from me to offend when we are called to love one another with respect that pleases God.
My own local Pentecostal of many years ran the Alpha course and it was a terrific success adding souls weekly in an amazing fashion and even on changing its venue went from strength to strength. On moving out I then continued with Alpha newsletter on a regular basis and the amazing testimonies that came through it were truly awesome in their content and diversity.
It was and is a movement I see as valuable! because of the souls it saves and not just because of the teachings received in it, which to me often posed questions bordering on simplicity. All I know is the evidence showed it worked.
I rejoice in that and find it exciting. So to me why try to change summat that is successful or fix a thing when it\'s not broken. Forgive my plain speaking here I mean no disrespect. Actually my heart would love to set up an Alpha course for the over- sixties. I watch them dying around me without Christ and know there has to be a strong rescue attempt, but old folks that I know are often stony ground and would not be tempted into just a bible teaching course but also the meal and chat is likely a draw for them. We are talking about getting outside to in. Not inside staying inside to learn even more.
Something has to be able to reach out to people who have spent pretty much all their lives avoiding God and His word.
There just is too many of them. I felt guided at one point and set up special free meals with songs and music plus testimonies just for that older age group and it worked both inside Care homes and in church hired halls with a special speaker who could reach their age group and dedicated disciples who would, sit, eat and chat with them. Apathy and lack of financial aid to carry it on forced me to close it, but what a need there is to reach the unsaved pensioner who is made cold by today\'s happenings and finding it hard going.
So a spiritual meal is valuable. This is just a comment I dont mean anything insulting by it. My heart sees time\'s running out for them and that saddens me.
I reach a lot of these type with my poetry books and have done for years because they dont feel threatened by that but I long for that to go further just as it used to. Without some street volunteers it never will again.
A special Sunday blessing to you who read this. June R. xx

I agree June  From: pauline Tait 30 Sep 2012 (13:29)
The Alpha Course is a work of God and an amazing success it continues to bear fruit and to increase the body of Christ. I used to teach Youth Alpha I wouldn\'t object to our church running an Alpha Course and I have just the right people in mind to do it. We are blessed to have the resources to provide a meal. I don\'t mind at all how people get saved just as long as they do is all that matters.