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discernment From: maryann 20 Aug 2012 (22:22)
We have to be careful when on facebook .....i think i discovered 2 imposters today trying to fake pastor John Hagee......their goul is to get money.....from Nigeria / anybody else experienced something like this...............i thought something was funny and God warned me something was up.......so stupid not to discover at once, but then again we learn as long as we live.....nothing wrong done......fortunatly , thank you Lord!

Facebook can be a trap  From: June Ritchie 21 Aug 2012 (11:47)
I had an experience similar through a man saying he was a pastor and had an orphanage to raise money for in India. An enquiry through a missionary who was locally there was to reveal many lies so let I it die away though he did try a few more times. In my ideas facebook is used too often by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. I would rather talk about Gods goodness on here, than endure the chit chat of disciples on Facebook. But sadly it is somewhat prevalent and I think can spoil one\'s true image. Dangerous? Yes I feel so and I do not get on it without a message that could be important. a lot of lonely people may use it but so do predators of all kinds. we can think and see thru\' the devil for just like the spider he builds webs on the network. Blessings June

Facebook  From: maryann 22 Aug 2012 (10:02)
i think Facebook is just amazing binding people together all over the world / not everybody lives with someone and not everybody has someone around them......i am not afraid of imposters on Facebook, actually God teaches you a lot about discernment when you discover imposters......we have to fsace the problem to learn...and i experience That GOD watches over His children, those who s hearts are all with HIM! many get saved through facebook, also healed and much good.....i only speak about Jesus on FB and what HE does for me to bless others...If we discover anything bad we have full freedom to report them at once and they get expelled from the webside.....the problem is that many dont bother to report...which reminds me, isnt that the way we treat God s Word many times as well, we dont bother to tell the truth!

A tool for witness  From: pauline Tait 24 Aug 2012 (09:50)
I use face book extensively to contect to other believers at home and abroad at our other churches and to witness to those friends and family on my friends list who receive my posts prayers and praises... I did come across someone trying to scam me using the id f an evanelist seking money for an orphanage but I only give as God leads so I was protected by Holy Spirit.....

We are after all in the world to witness and I belive the gifts are also for the market place....

That said we are not all suposed to be involved with everything and one might feel something is right for them and another may not and that\'s just fine