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Sharing the Gospel From: Jeff Mills 19 Aug 2012 (05:19)
If we are supposed to be like the church in Acts, then why are we not winning 5,000 a day to the Lord and where are all the miracles? This really concerns me. What are your views?

sharing the gospel  From: maryann 20 Aug 2012 (10:02)
Jeff, because most of us have not left all to follow HIM.....we are not sharing with each other and not united....and many live in fear of what others think about them, therefore not stepping out in faith believing what Jesus said, He will keep...we need to come to His throne of grace and ask for mercy so we can get wisdom in these last days, a inner spiritual revival to get us to know who JESUS really is and that HE is our reason for living!Without HIM we are DEAD! United we stand strong.....i do believe that God is raising up a group of people around the world to stand united to lift up His name...i also believe that we in the western world who have enough for everyday living must take more heed to those christian brothers and sisters who do not have enough for everyday living,we should help them much more.......helping the needy.......there are many things stopping us seeing what Christ has for us, we have to seperate ourselves, take time now and hear what HE is telling us to do......he that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit of The Lord is saying to the churches.............much more to this....will write more later...but let us pray for revival in the hearts of God s people! United we stand strong!

Witness  From: pauline Tait 20 Aug 2012 (16:08)
I am not really into labels and people often like to say \'your an evangelist\' they say to recognise you but often it\'s a way of saying I\'m not an evangelist so I don\'t have to share but WE ARE ALL witnesses. I am blessed to have no clue how many 100\'s I have led to the Lord anymore it\'s His work His glory we are instuments playing the salvation anthem. I am blessed to be in the midst of people who fast in the model of Isaiah 58 and often see miracles, healings etc. I think people are hard hearted these days and we are tolerant of those in false religions giving respect when we should be giving warnings....there are so many easy ways to share not that being easy has anythihng to do with a walk of witness