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FORUM > Listening to God > Beyond the Ranges

Beyond the Ranges From: tim Caton 17 Aug 2012 (10:45)
Beyond the Ranges

They tell me the colours in my eyes are losing their lustre
The once smooth skin holds telling lines
The little boy asks his father who the old man is
When I climb the mountains it takes a little longer
The ranges and ridges hold me on their heights a little longer
To search beyond the ranges
In here, the view is clearer
In here, our conversations are vibrant
I listen to your wisdom
Your voice is familiar to me
I am closer to you now than when I first met you
I was younger then with so many things to prove
My scars are healed now
The scars on your hands and feet testify to the healing
To those who would enquire
You are Jesus, the Son of God.

Isn\'t wonderful to listen to the voice of the Lord?

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Life goes on  From: June Ritchie 17 Aug 2012 (23:21)
Life isn\'t easy sometimes it\'s tough,
But Jesus is here if it gets too rough,
What better person to hold my hand,
To help me see and understand,

That life holds good and life holds bad,
the strongest heart can feel so sad,
to be lifted up to a greater height,
To be strengthened by the Father\'s might,

Tears may flow but they never last,
They cease and become a thing of the past,
becoming now a wiser man,
Searching out the father\'s plan,

Don\'t give up God\'s child can win,
bringing peace above hate\'s din,
Fighting on to victory gain,
With a heart that\'s cleansed from every stain,

Build your\' life on faith and trust,
Always remember God is just,
His mercy never wears away,
there will come a heavenly day,

When we rise up to join the Lord.