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Fellowship matters From: June Ritchie 12 Aug 2012 (14:39)
Do you ever think how wonderful it is to be in a position to speak to people in love from thousands of miles away? It is so amazing and so strange to be able to make a good friend from a person in another country. I am in touch with a family in Kenya who belong to task jesus and have been for a week or so, I am loving every minute of it. For it is a great blessing for someone who can no longer use the phone to have fellowship with Jesus\' kids all over the world!
To converse Christ with one another and to give testimony of His goodness.
These are dark times growing and doing this is bringing such lovely light into my life.
The words Love thy neighbour as thyself/ take on a new meaning now! who needs a local list of friends when they can make one all over the world! the object To bring light into every dark corner is just what God wants. I do hope other friends will join into this and tell me about their friendships outside of GB It makes the global word seem so much smaller. Thank you God for the internet and for Treflyn! for without him these friendships may never have seen the light of day. Please if you have found a new foreign friend through here, let us all know so we can rejoice together. Junexx

Alabama  From: pauline Tait 14 Aug 2012 (17:34)
My prayer partner is in Alabama she used to be in Florida and after being hit for the 3rd tie by a hurricaine she moved....we pray on Paltalk a chat service 3 days a week for me thurs -sat due to the time difference we pray from 4am - 8am our time not convinient but a tremendous blessing

We are joined from others from America australia new zealand and Indonesia makes going into all the world somewhat easier
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